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Summon Magic This Halloween With DIY Floral Wands

Summer Floral Wands

If you still believe in magic and the inexplicable atmosphere of Halloween night, then we have a very special treat coming your way: making a floral wand for yourself or your little ones is the perfect way to summon your inner good witch this season. You never know the powers you may discover until you wield one of these wands, we think they have the ability to conjure up lots of smiles and good spirits.

These DIY floral wands can be whipped together in minutes. Because magical auras are strongest near your home, we suggest scouring the woody areas of your yard to find a stick, but the truth is that it will find you! Once the moonlight reaches your doorstep on Halloween, gather your coven and trinkets together for a night of enchantment.

DIY Floral Wands


  • Sticks
  • Flowers
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbons and accessories!


Step 1: Trim the ends of the flower stems so that they are about 1/4th the length of your stick.

Step 2: Cut your floral wire so it is about 6” long.

Step 3: Position one focal flower and some greenery at the top of your stick so that they both sit slightly higher than the top of stick.

Step 4: Tie the floral wire around the flowers and greenery so that they are secured to the stick. It’s ok if some floral wire is left over.

Step 5: Repeat the process by adding more trimmed flowers about halfway down the length of the stick, securing it with floral wire or tape if needed.

Step 6: Add extra magic! We like to use sparkly ribbon to really make these wands stand out. ✨

You can make a variety of floral wands by switching up the flowers, ribbons, and accessories. Each new item will certainly provide its own energy shift that you’ll notice once when it’s time to cast a spell…

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