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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2019 Single

Single On Valentine's Day

Being single on Valentine’s Day can seem daunting for a lot of people out there, but there’s a lot of good that comes with single-dom too! You not only have some extra free time on your hands, you also don’t have to compromise when it comes to choosing which show to watch for the night or picking where to eat for dinner. Being single opens up so much opportunity and allows you to be unapologetically yourself!

This Valentine’s Day, we want to help all the singles out there celebrate the joy of riding solo. Rather than putting out a survival guide, we’re letting you in on some of the best ways you can spend this love-filled holiday loving yourself!


“Treat Yourself” Re-Defined

We’ve all heard the popular phrase – “treat yourself” – but treating yourself doesn’t always mean beelining to the nearest mall and splurging on clothes and accessories. Here are some ways you can take care of yourself and invite even more positivity into your life!

  1. Go to a local bookstore and spend some time looking for the books you’ve been meaning to read. Who knows? Maybe you end up finding some new reads too! Bring home some new works of literature and treat your mind to some fresh tales.
  2. Sign up for a dance class (preferably one that doesn’t require a partner) and slip on some comfy shoes. Even for those who have two left feet, a dance class can really boost self-confidence and even body positivity. Plus it’s a fun way to stay active!
  3. Throw on a cute outfit, head out to a nice spot in your neighborhood (or even the prettiest corner of your home), and bring a camera along. Do an impromptu photoshoot where you can pose without the pressure of a photographer directing you. Bring out your confident side and end your day with a whole lot of self-love!
  4. Bullet-journaling has been taking the modern world by a storm, and we totally get why – it’s actually quite therapeutic to spend some extra time planning your days, weeks, or months out! Now you can look forward to keeping your life organized by decorating your bullet journal to match your busy lifestyle.

Date Night: Party of One

Valentine’s Day usually means date night for a lot of couples, but that doesn’t mean all the singles out there can’t enjoy a fun night (or day) out! Here are some ways you can take yourself out for a fun date.

  1. A lot of people can feel self-conscious about sitting alone in a movie theater by themselves, especially on a day where they’re likely to be surrounded by couples. That’s why drive-in movies are the perfect alternative. Not only are you separated from all the mushy-gushiness, but you’re also perfectly safe to enjoy any feature film in the comfort of your own vehicle where people won’t know if you’re alone or not!
  2. Road trips are typically done between friend groups or romantic partners, but who said you couldn’t ride solo? If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a cruise along a scenic route to a spot you’ve been meaning to visit. Maybe it’s a hidden beachfront or a waterfall along a hiking trail. Regardless of where you choose to go, driving to these places alone will definitely give you that much-needed alone time. Plus you get to choose the playlist you want to listen to throughout the entire drive!
  3. Sometimes, being alone for a day is fun and all, but if you’re open to having some company for the night, invite your other single friends over for dinner. Find some simple recipes online and cook together, or you can have your pals bring over their own home-cooked dish. You and your friends can whip up some homemade sangrias and make a toast to single-dom.

Shower Yourself with Some #BouqLove

If you really want to practice self-love this Valentine’s Day, consider sending yourself cool flowers for Valentine’s to celebrate a love-filled holiday by loving yourself! Not only are you rewarding yourself for just being you, but you’re also inviting some added freshness into your living space. You can select some unique roses for Valentine’s Day or go with a non-traditional blend like sunflowers or hydrangeas. A bouquet of flowers can actually help get rid of toxins in the air of your home and help provide a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere for days and days to come – talk about flower power!

Not really a fan of petals and blooms? Then you might enjoy ordering Valentine’s Day plant delivery instead! Plants are a more long-lasting and low-maintenance alternative for those who want to liven up their space. Plus, they work just as hard as flowers do to keep every room in your home as fresh as possible!

For all your floral or leafy needs, The Bouqs has got you covered. Our flowers and plants are sourced from sustainable farms to make sure you’re only getting the freshest stems out there! Treat yourself or even your other single friends this upcoming Valentine’s Day, and shop our collection today.

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