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Unique Housewarming Gift Guide

Unique Housewarming Gifts

This just in: a loved one just made the exciting announcement that they’re settling into a new home! For a lot of us, moving is a much-needed fresh start, a brand new chapter. Whether it’s their first lease after college or they just bought their very own house, moving in is definitely something to celebrate!

We all know what this means: housewarming gifts. But besides giving your loved ones the home essentials (you can never have too much toilet paper), there’s always something unique you can bring to the table! Check out our foolproof guide for unique housewarming gifts and give your loved one that extra warm welcome to their newest space.


Adding Some Ambience

What makes a home so special is the overall atmosphere; that’s why we’re all fans of well-lit homes to keep us happy and cozy. But of course, not every home is blessed with an astounding view and plenty of bright windows. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the right atmosphere to lounge around in your own living space!

Nanoleaf Light Panels is the perfect gift to add that much-needed ambience to any part of the house. Simply stick the panels into a preferred shape and adjust the settings to have them brighten up the room instantly. The best part? You can control the color settings on a smartphone app, taking away that added stress of fiddling with the panels manually!

Personalized Game Nights

It’s no secret that game nights are a big thing between friends and families, but what if you can make your very own custom board game to gift someone with a new crib. If you’re feeling any creative juices flowing, you can whip up your own rules and even print your own designs (and embarrassing pictures for the added humor) on any game pieces or playing cards.

Any future game night can include that fun entertainment factor with the silliest pictures of you and your closest friends, getting the dice rolling – literally!

Home Museum

Everyone has thought about collecting artwork for their homes someday. But let’s face it – it’s an expensive hobby to have a painting hung on the wall. Having a work of art in someone’s room doesn’t have to break the bank, and luckily for the artsy folk out there, you can gift the newest homeowner with an oil painting of any photo you choose! Simply submit a picture you know your friend will love – scenery, cats, an embarrassing night out – and let an artist turn it into a masterpiece.

Freshen Up

Everyone wants them, and everyone loves them – houseplants! Plants are that perfect low-maintenance gift that will spruce up any living space. Not to mention the hefty benefits: cleaner air, better atmosphere, less stress, and more! Plus they add a lot of personality to dress up certain rooms in the house. Hanging plants can add some dimension to any space, while orchid plants exude elegance and class.

You can’t go wrong with gifting a loved one with some lovely greens!


If you want to add a bit more pizazz to your gift-giving, you can always opt for a subscription with The Bouqs! Not only can you send flowers at your own schedule, you’ll be letting your loved one know that you really care about making sure their space is flourishing with fresh blooms all year long!

No matter the occasion, let us help. Shop from our collection to keep the #BouqLove strong for any occasion!

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