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The Carnation Comeback You’ve Been Waiting For

Pink Carnation Bouquet

Call it what you want –– a comeback, a makeover, a reinvention. Whatever the name, our Carnation Collection is here and ready to party. As you’ll see below, these aren’t your aunt’s carnations. These blooms are bold, bright, long-lasting, and affordable, making them a great choice for upping the charm in your home or sprucing up craft projects.

And, when you order a carnation bouquet, you can get up to 60 stems in a single delivery! If that isn’t enough to woo you, check out the photos of the collection below and let these wistful blooms wow your ruffle-loving heart.


Pale Peach Carnation BouquetFreshen up open areas and add color by placing this peachy keen carnation bouquet on a side table. 

Single Carnation in Ceramic VaseOr pluck a few stems out and place them in bud vases around the house. It’s a great way to make the most of your Bouq and create a sense of fresh cohesion throughout your space.

Affair to Remember

Magenta Carnations in VaseIt’s still summer, so crack the windows, let a little light in, and invite over a friend for tea (or maybe a little rosé). This Bouq will only make the moment more memorable.


White CarnationsFeeling particularly creative? Flex your artistic muscles and coordinate an impromptu outdoor floral photo shoot. The bright white petals of this Bouq pop against any background!

White Carnations Memoir BouqWhite carnations + bathroom tile = yes please!

Then & Now

Then and Now Carnations BouqHaving trouble making it through your summer reading list? Just place a Bouq on the shelf. You’ll be surprised how often you begin to find yourself hanging out by your books!

Best of Times

Rose Colored Carnations Just like the perfect song, this mixed bouquet blends garden roses and carnations as seamlessly as music notes, creating a sense of harmony in your space.

Read more about how interesting carnations can be. Don’t forget to share the #Bouqlove by showing us how you use these carnations to freshen up your space!

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  • Creative plant pots September 8, 2017 at 3:00 am

    when you order a carnation bouquet, you can get up to 60 stems in a single delivery!