Six Fascinating Facts About Wedding Flowers Every Bride-to-Be Should Know

Wedding Flower Bouquets

The pressure to choose the ideal wedding flowers can really get to a bride-to-be, especially when everyone around her wants to weigh in. The truth is that there are countless factors to consider when selecting flowers for a wedding, but ultimately the choice should come down to what speaks to you personally.

You may choose to focus on the symbolism of flowers, opt to carry something with special meaning to you, or simply select blooms that fit the color and style of decor you’re attracted to. No matter how you pick your wedding flower bouquets and centerpieces, there is no wrong choice as long as you follow your instincts. With that sentiment in mind, here are some intriguing facts about wedding flowers that may help you narrow down your choices, or at least give you a little break from wedding planning.

Not Just For Show

While modern brides carry floral bouquets to add an extra touch of glamour or romance to their overall look, brides of the past often carried unique items in their arrangements for some intriguing reasons. The ancient Romans and Greeks were rather preoccupied with the threat of wicked spirits. To combat these potential perils, brides of the time often carried garlic… hey, if it works on Dracula. Herbs and grains were another popular bouquet inclusion, as they were said to bless the couple with fertility. Over in Poland, brides sometimes dusted their bouquets with sugar to sweeten the marriage.

Image Revamp

Baby’s breath was a big deal in wedding flowers of the 80s, which in turn, made it ultra tacky in decades since… until now. These days the dainty buds are being given a complete image overhaul. Now known by its true name, gypsophila paniculata, baby’s breath has been out for so long that it’s totally in again.

Pricey Posy

No one will argue the fact that peonies are stunning. They come in a wide range of striking colors and are sizable and packed with petals. No wonder they’re a favorite of modern brides (even royal bride Meghan Markle is a big fan.)  Unfortunately, unless you have a royal-ish sized budget, you’re probably not going to be able to have grandiose wedding flower centerpieces that are packed with peonies.

Their season is quite short and, as such, can be very pricey for a good portion of the year. The good news is that because peonies pack such a punch, you can use them sparingly in bouquets and centerpieces. Alternately, you can ask for more affordable flowers that have a similar look.

An Enduring Favorite

Roses are currently the most popular wedding flower, but they’ve been used in bouquets and wedding flower centerpieces for ages. In fact, the Victorians often chose the bloom because of its association with true love. Roses continue to be popular, in part, because they come in so many different varieties. Tea roses, spray rose, and garden roses all have their own unique characteristics and can be used to create a wide variety of looks.

Floral Fortune

A very long time ago it was thought that those who touched the bride (or even better, got a piece of her dress) would have good luck. It is from this belief that the tradition of throwing wedding flower bouquets comes. Brides of the time started throwing their bouquets to wedding guests in an attempt to make a quick escape, while also leaving them a little piece of good fortune.

Royally Revered

Another floral favorite among royal brides is lily of the valley. This delicate bloom, said to stand for luck in love, was chosen for the wedding flower bouquets of Kate Middleton, Grace Kelly, Queen Victoria, and Princess Astrid of Sweden.

Remember, your wedding flowers are meant to make you happy. There are all kinds of rules for choosing, but you don’t really have to follow any of them. When you’re ready to start looking, be sure to browse the selection from The Bouqs Company. We offer both DIY and pre-curated boxes and deliver only the freshest blooms, saving you time and money on your big day.

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