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Peonies: Facts You Need to Know

Peony Facts

Native to a few select areas of the world, the peony is a beautiful flowering plant popular in floral Bouqs. Available in multiple colors, peonies are a favorite for life’s momentous events including weddings, baptisms and christenings, celebrations of life, and graduations. But there are probably several facts about peonies you don’t even know.

Keep reading to get the scoop on these peony facts and learn why peonies are an easy favorite.

Peonies Come From Around the World

Native to Western North America, Europe, and Asia, peonies come in more than thirty different species in a variety of sizes and colors. While they may look very different depending on their place of origin and color, they are all part of the Paeonia genus.

The Peony Has Been Loved for Centuries

While peonies are beloved in today’s society for their beautiful fragrance and their delicate appearance, they were loved by peoples of the past as well. In fact, members of the Tang Dynasty of China bred peonies from around 618 to 907 in the imperial courts. In the early 11th century, peonies became popular in Japanese culture. And in the 18th century, they became popular in France and England.

Many Peonies are Actually Hybrids

Because there are over 30 naturally-occurring breeds of peonies that are all genetically related, they are often hybridized for specific genetic traits – such as color, size, and hardiness. Because of this, there are several different types of peony cultivars including the following:

  • Semi-double peonies have a visible central mass of stamens with three or four distinct whorls of petals.
  • Single peonies have just one or two whorls of petals.
  • Double peonies have many overlapping whorls of petals with some flowers featuring over one hundred petals.

Peony Flowers Can Be Larger than a Cabbage

Many peonies are herbaceous, meaning they die back in winter and reemerge in spring. These can grow up to three feet in height and four feet in width. Blooms of these varieties can be about eight inches across.

There are also “tree peony” varieties that feature a hardy woody stem. These can live above ground in winter and grow to be even taller than their herbaceous cousins, with a height of about five feet and flower width of up to one foot in diameter.

Peonies Can Outlive Humans

One of the most little-known facts about peonies is that the plant can live and grow for over a century – sometimes outliving their human caretakers. The beautiful peony is a perennial that comes back each spring and blooms through summer, though with early, mid-season, and late blooming varieties it’s easy to extend their growing season with a mix of peony varieties.

The Peony Takes Years to Really Thrive

Peonies in full bloom are gorgeous, but it can take years of care for them to truly thrive. However, peonies require very little care since they actually do better when left completely alone. Once planted, peonies take several years of being watered and left alone to become established and to finally bloom and grow.

Peonies are Perfect for Weddings

Flowers have been used for centuries to bring messages, and the peony is no different. This flower is known to be a symbol of good fortune and happiness in marriage. Because of that, they’re often chosen as a wedding flower. They’re also the traditional flower of the 12th wedding anniversary.


Peonies are a beautiful addition to any Bouq whether you’re sharing with a romantic partner or a friend. The Bouqs Company has an extensive selection of peonies to choose from. Add a peony to enhance your floral message and enchant your recipient.

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