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Mother’s Day #momFTW: Swooning over our mom’s sweetest moments

Mom and Daughter with Mother's Day Roses

Mom’s love is sweet as pie. Sure she can deliver the tough love when necessary (don’t forget to apologize for the years 13-18) but our fondest memories are of the times when she was extra sweet just because of her never-ending love. So, we asked our #Bouqsfam to share the warm and fuzzy moments that they’ve had with their moms, and now we may need to order a new box of tissues for the office.

Mom Holding Colorful Floral Arrangement

  • “She [my grandmother] took over when my mom wasn’t there. She took care of me and my favorite person in the entire world.”
  • “If I need ANYTHING she is always there. She sat with me when my daughter had surgery, picked up my son at school after the school nurse called, and brings me soup when I am sick. It’s the one million little things she always does – that maybe I’ve also taken for granted – that I am eternally grateful for.”

Mother Hugging Child

  • “She created a song for me that she still sings to this day!”
  • “Made me school lunch every single day. She used to even de-seed grapes and peel the grapefruit flesh out for me. She also used to attend all my volleyball games and take me to the park on the weekends to practice…even though I was the worst player ever.”

Boy Holding Sunflowers and Eucalyptus

  • “When I was four or five years old, she didn’t have the money to pay for a big train set that I wanted so she would take me to the toy store where it was on display every couple of days so I could play with it there.”
  • “A few years ago she sent a dozen of my favorite cupcakes to my job on my birthday. It was very sweet (pun intended) and still makes me happy when I think about it.”

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and as we reminisce on these touching moments, check out our tips for choosing the right flower color scheme for Mother’s Day. And don’t forget to choose from our collection of fresh Mother’s Day flowers. They will be as sweet as she is, because she’s got your back and we’ve got your Bouq. We want to hear about the heartwarming acts of love that she’s done for you. Tell us about it on Instagram, or tag us in your posts @thebouqsco.

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