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Ultimate Guide to Mother’s Day: In-Law Edition

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There’s no denying it – Mother’s Day is a big deal. And it should be! For most of us, it’s an opportunity to celebrate all the hard work and patience of the mom who made us who we are. But chances are your own mother isn’t the only mom in your life needing some appreciation. For those of us in relationships or marriages, an important question arises every May: How much of Mother’s Day is Mother-in-Law’s Day?

Whether you’re married or in a long-term relationship, and whether or not you’ve got kids, figuring out how to factor your in-laws into your Mother’s Day celebration can be tricky – but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve got the rundown on celebrating Mother’s Day with your in-laws, complete with mother-in-law gift ideas for every kind of mom.



You’re a Mom, I’m a Mom, She’s a Mom – We’re all Moms!

For many of us, getting older and starting families of our own makes celebrating Mother’s Day a tad more complicated than it was when we were kids – especially if you yourself are a mother. If you live close enough to your own mother and your partner’s mother to celebrate in person, you might have to do the holiday juggle: who do you see, and when, and for how much time? If you prioritize your own mother while your partner prioritizes theirs, Mother’s Day can quickly turn into a Mother’s Disaster.

The hope is that the joy of Mother’s Day can be a democratic one, and that none of the moms in your family hog the day. The key is communicating early and clearly with your partner, and with your own mom or mother-in-law if necessary. If you and your partner have the kind of family that has no problem caravaning to one house for a giant, joint celebration, great! If not, you may have to come ready with your day-planner, your patience, and your flexibility.

If you find yourself stressing about the logistics or feeling resentful that someone (your own mother; you) is getting the short end of the stick, try to see it from your partner’s perspective, and remember that no matter what, your mother-in-law is the reason your partner you love so much even exists.

A First Time for Everything

If you’ve known your mother-in-law for a while, chances are your relationship with her has some well-worn grooves – for better or (hopefully not!) worse. But just like meeting a partner’s parents for the first time, celebrating with a new mother-in-law can be nerve-wracking: maybe your conversations have been limited to polite small talk, or you just don’t know her well enough to have any clear mother-in-law gift ideas.

Lean on your partner! It’s their mom – they literally have the intel of a lifetime. And try to be as flexible as you can, especially if your own mother is willing to celebrate on a different day, lives far away, or is willing to celebrate together with your mother-in-law. Be open-minded re: your partner’s family traditions, and above all, don’t stress too much – this is probably new for your mother-in-law, too!



Whether you’ve known your mother-in-law for ten years or ten minutes, we’ve put together a list of foolproof mother-in-law gift ideas for every kind of (partner’s) mom.

For the Practical Mother-in-Law

  • A high-quality water bottle so she can stay hydrated during the onslaught of summer
  • A subscription to a print or online media service, healthy snack box, or recipe service
  • Gadgets for her smartphone or tablet, like a stand or portable charger

For the Sentimental Mother-in-Law

  • A photo album or book
  • A shadow box featuring photos and/or mementos
  • A custom calendar of family photos

For Mother-in-Law Who Likes to be Pampered

  • Jewelry to match her style
  • Beauty care products (bonus points for ones featuring floral essential oils, like lavender for relaxation!)
  • A spa day

For the Homey Mother-in-Law

  • A cookbook for a favorite cuisine (cooking together can even be a bonding experience!)
  • Fun wine glass charms
  • Doing a DIY project together, like homemade potpourri

For the Mother-in-Law You’ve Just Met

  • A houseplant (Pro tip: Buy something potted so you’re not giving your mother-in-law the added work of potting her own plant – unless she’s a gardening fanatic and you know she’d enjoy the task!)
  • A fresh-cut Bouq


There’s no denying that despite our best efforts, all holidays come with their risk of headaches over logistics as our families grow. With Bouqs at your side, we hope you manage to make every Mother’s Day one of joy and appreciation rather than tears and frustration!

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