Intimate, Romantic Wedding at Independence Park Rose Garden: Chris + Hayley

Wedding With Dog & Flowers
As raindrops shimmered on leaves of Independence Rose Garden, Chris and Hayley said “I do.”  We asked Hayley to share her wedding story and how she useThe Bouqs Company flowers to add a special touch to her day. Hayley also shares crucial DIY bride wisdom you won’t want to miss. Beautiful photography provided by Dave Waddell of Siousca Photography.
Bouq Bride: Hayley Lawrence
Wedding Date: 9/26/15
Location: Charlotte, NC (Independence Park Rose Garden & Heist Brewery)
Theme: Romantic, relaxed, intimate
Song that captures your day: “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette (because it rained alllll day, yet stopped for our ceremony ☺)
How did you two meet?  On!
How did he propose?
We planned to go out for an early Valentine’s Day dinner since we had to work on the actual holiday. I had a feeling he was going to ask later that night, but he surprised me by gently waking me up from my pre-dinner nap and getting on one knee. He said he wanted our dog to be there and for it to happen at home, which made it very sweet and special. Then, he arranged for champagne and flowers at a special table in the restaurant of our first date.
Flowers & Wedding Rings

What was the most memorable moment at your wedding?
My dad surprised me by coming. He walked me down the aisle and danced with me at the reception. It was really special.

What made you choose The Bouqs Company for your wedding
I wanted to choose my flowers by the stem instead of by the bunch and I wanted to know exactly what I was getting. I couldn’t seem to find any other company that would let me purchase by the stem.
How did you get your Bouqs together?
I did it mostly myself with a little help from family. I’m the type of person that likes to do everything myself, so I wouldn’t really let people help me even though I needed their help – that was a mistake.
What advice do you have for other Bouq Brides?
Don’t take on more than you can realistically handle and don’t start late. I only made my bouquet and my groom’s boutonnière, as well as a few simple centerpieces and I was still up until midnight on the e
ve of my wedding. Between plucking leaves and thorns and cutting stems, just prepping the flowers is very time-consuming. The prep also takes up a lot of space, which I didn’t have in my little apartment, so choose a large enough space that you have room to work. Oh, and wear shoes and gloves while working. I stepped on rose thorns a few times, and it was no fun!
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