The Best Flowers for Bridal Bouquets

Flowers For Bridal Bouquet

Brides-to-be often find bouquet inspiration while flipping through the pages of a glossy wedding magazine or browsing wedding ideas on Pinterest. Then, they fall in love with the idea of a certain type of flower, only to find out that the bloom they adore isn’t in season at the right time or is incredibly delicate and wouldn’t last the full day.

While looking at pictures of flowers for bridal bouquet inspiration isn’t a bad idea, it’s important not to get too attached until you do your research. Some flowers work really well in wedding bouquets, while others simply photograph well for a magazine shoot. Here are some of the best wedding flowers for bride and bridesmaid bouquets.


Tropical Flowers

While there’s no way to predict the exact weather you’ll have on your big day, if you’re getting married at the height of the summer or in a very warm climate you’ll want to choose flowers that can stand up to the heat. Tropical flowers often have a delicate look to them, but they can actually be quite hardy. The reason that this type of bloom can hold up in the hot temperatures is that they grow in them. Flowers like cymbidium orchids have waxy type petals that stand up well to heat and resist drying out.


If you’re getting married in a warm, dry climate or have an affinity for rustic or southwestern looks, succulents make excellent wedding flowers for bride and bridesmaid bouquets. Succulents need very little water and last a very long time. In fact, you can often take them from your bouquet after the wedding and plant them so that you have a piece of your bouquet for years to come. Even better, they have a super cool, sculptural look to them. Whether you use succulents on their own or mixed in with other blooms, they add some serious visual interest to a bouquet.

Spray Flowers and Filler Flowers

Spray flowers and filler flowers get a bad rap. If you’re unclear about the terms, spray flowers (which are often used as fillers) are flowers that grow multiple blooms on each stem. Filler flowers refer to blooms that are used to fill in the gaps in arrangements; they’re often not the stars of the show. Because they are usually used to fill out arrangements, they aren’t considered special enough to stand on their own. The truth is that there are some absolutely stunning spray/filler flowers.

If you have expensive taste when it comes to flowers, but a more modest budget, spray flowers could be your best friends. Brides with a distinct wedding flower vision often overlook spray flowers, but there are ways to arrange them that highlight their true beauty. Some gorgeous filers to look out for are spray roses, aster, bouvardia, delphinium, limonium, stephanotis, thistle, trachelium, and stock.

Local Flowers

There is something to be said for shopping locally, and this holds true when looking at flowers for bridal bouquet ideas. Think about the flowers that will be in bloom in your area (or the area of your ceremony if you’re planning a destination wedding) at the time of the ceremony. Using flowers that are already accustomed to your climate means you’ll have fresher, longer lasting bouquets.


So if you’re getting married soon and are currently pondering wedding flowers for bride and bridesmaid bouquets, take a bit of time to browse the options on Our flowers are always ultra-fresh because we cut to order and ship them out right away. You also have plenty of choices when you shop with us. We offer both pre-curated and DIY wedding packages to suit every type of bride and every style of wedding. Contact us today.

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