#PlantsFam Care Tips: How To Propagate Your Succulents

How To Propagate Your Succulents

Nothing makes us happier than seeing a family of succulents grow even bigger! Quinn, our mini succulents quartet, starts you off with four mixed succulents that look great all together on a table, or sprinkled around the home. Although Quinn is perfect all by itself, you can add to this family by propagating the succulent leaves. With a little love and care, each leaf can grow into a brand new plant! This process may sound intimidating at first but it’s actually fairly easy – here’s how you do it. Replanting Your Succulent Start by gently plucking a few leaves from of the stem of your succulent (Make sure you break the whole piece off from the base). Place the leaves in a sunny spot so that the broken end can completely dry, which may take up to 3 days. Once it has scabbed over, it’s ready to plant! To start the propagation process, space the dried leaves on top of soil and spray them with a water bottle to give them their first watering. You’ll want to keep the soil moderately moist, but not soaking wet. Keep an eye on it – a quick spray every few days should be enough. Your leaves will start to sprout new roots within the next few weeks. Once the roots start to sprout, make sure they stay covered in the soil. After a few months, your succulent will grow into a new, full-sized plant!

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