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The Absolute Easiest Succulents to Take Care Of

Easiest Succulents to Care For

To say that succulents are having a moment would be the understatement of the century. What can we say? We love these little guys! Beautiful, diverse, and about as low maintenance as plants can get, succulents are the perfect houseplants. Unlike your pets, succulents can stand a little alone time. And while succulent care is considered easy on the whole, there are certain members of this lovely plant family that take easy to a whole new level.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s do a quick succulent care review, shall we?

Succulent Care 101

Succulents are known for their hardy nature, their love of sunlight, and their ability to thrive in dry climates. Caring for succulents boils down to a few very easy principles:

  • Sunlight:

    Succulents need six to eight hours of full sunlight per day, though the greener the plant, the more susceptible it is to sunburn (yes, sunburn!) if exposed to too much direct sun. Place indoor succulents near big windows!

  • Water:

    Wait until your succulents’ soil is completely dry before watering again. Watering every seven to ten days is typically sufficient, but always check the soil first. Overwatering can cause root rot, a bummer for you and your plants.

  • Soil:

    Make sure your succulent’s pot is made of well-draining material. Plant succulents in cactus mix (equal parts soil and sand or pumice).

  • Propagation:

    Want to spread the succulent love? Yep – you can propagate your succulents by carefully cutting a leaf from one plant and planting it in a new pot.

Ready to try your hand at succulent care? Below, check out five super easy succulents to add to your indoor collection.

Burro’s Tail

Even if you’re not familiar with the name, you’ve probably seen this whimsical plant around. Growing in long “tails” from which thick, pale green leaves sprout, this low-maintenance succulent looks amazing spilling out of a decorative pot just about anywhere. Just make sure to place it next to a window where it can drink up plenty of sunlight!

Handle Burro’s Tail carefully, as its plump little leaves fall off with ease.

Aloe Vera

Just one of many types of Aloe plants, Aloe vera is truly a two-for-one deal: not only is it gorgeous and super easy to care for, but it also has medicinal properties. You didn’t think the name was just a coincidence, did you?

It’s true – the thick, clear paste inside Aloe vera‘s leaves can be applied directly to sunburned skin for a soothing, restorative effect. This easy succulent is a must-have for the lover of all things practical, natural, and health-promoting.

Jade Plant

Also known as a Money Tree, the jade plant is a symbol of good luck. That combined with how incredibly easy it is to maintain makes it one of the most beloved indoor succulents around. We get it – you can’t beat the unique look of these succulents, which seem to grow from tree-like “trunks” that set them apart from the other plants on this list.

Care for jade plants in much the same way as you would any other succulent, but be on the lookout for unique signs of stress: puckering or dull leaves. You may also want to prune the plant to keep a neat, symmetrical shape. (This presents a great opportunity to propagate!)


This rustic name can actually refer to a family of similar-looking plants: Sempervivum tectorum and Echeveria elegans are good examples. These common, low-maintenance species grow in recognizable spirals or “rosettes” of flat, pointed leaves, with a green color sometimes tinged purple, red, or even blue.

There are a few significant differences: Sempervivum tectorum tends to have flatter, pointier leaves, and each plant has different flowering patterns. Still, all varieties of hens-and-chicks make for great low-maintenance outdoor or indoor succulents.

Snake Plant

With its long, flat, glossy leaves and dark green coloring, the snake plant looks like it belongs deep in the rainforest. But this succulent can indeed hold its own with the rest of the lowkey houseplants on this list. There is even research showing that the snake plant can help purify the air in your home! Who doesn’t love an easy plant that gives back?

Just make sure to keep snake plants out of reach of cats and dogs, as the leaves are toxic to pets.

A Great Gift Even If You Succ at Taking Care of Plants

So, busy bees, frequent flyers, and accidental plant-killers – these easy succulents should give you plenty of reason to jump on the houseplant train. Your home – and health – will thank you for it. When you’re ready to adopt some new green friends (or just stick with the fresh flowers you know and love), head to The Bouqs Co. for farm-fresh options great for any room of the house. We offer premium succulent delivery as well as bouquets for every occasion.

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