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How to Add Life to Your Menorah this Hanukkah

DIY Floral Menorahs

Let’s be honest, the Hanukkah Bush was never really a thing. But, just because your winter routine doesn’t include a trip to the local Christmas tree lot, doesn’t mean your home must be completely devoid of greenery. Adding fresh blooms and green accents is an easy, wonderful way to liven your menorah.  If you are hosting a Hanukkah dinner, accentuating your candle lighting with fresh décor will make the occasion extra special.

Here’s a simple step-by-step on how to create this elegant menorah floral design.

1. Weave greenery through the ‘branches’ of your menorah. Secure with floral tape or floral wire if it does not stay on its own.

Weave greenery through your menorah

Weave greenery through your menorah

2. Place the stems of your flowers through the greenery and secure with floral tape or wire if needed.

Weave in flowers in menorah

Weave in flowers using their stems

3. Clip any unwanted stems or greenery.

Clip greenery stems

Clip the stems so that they don’t hang down.

Easy as that! Your Hanukkah just went from blah-nukkah to fun-ukkah (we will work on better puns, we promise.)

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For this design, we used greenery from Hallelujah, a succulent from Holiday Sweater, and white roses from Hollywoodland. You check browse more Hanukkah flowers for delivery and select the one that best matches your personal decor.

Please note that without water your flowers will likely not last all 8 Nights, but for a night they will do just fine!

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