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10 Fun Facts About Lavender Plants

Facts About Lavender

If you’re a fan of scented candles, floral teas, or perfumes, lavender is likely all-too-familiar to you. It’s everywhere – in shampoo bottles, essential oils, even desserts!

There’s no denying that lavender is a versatile plant with an abundance of health benefits, but there is also so much more to know about our favorite fragrant plant. We at The Bouqs Co. compiled a list of cool, must-know facts about the lavender plant, including some of its interesting history:

Fun Facts About Lavender

1. The ancient Egyptians made use of lavender during their mummification process, embalming the corpse with perfume.

2. The ancient Greeks, on the other hand, used lavender to treat insomnia and ease back pain.

3. During the Bubonic Plague in the 17th century, lavender was used as a remedy to ward off potential disease.

4. The first to successfully grow and harvest lavender successfully were the Shakers. They developed lavender farms and produced their own herbs to sell to markets around the globe.

5. The color lavender actually originates from Lavandula angustifolia (or more commonly known as English lavender).

6. Lavender is actually quite the effective bug repellent! It can protect other plants from certain pests and creepy crawlers as well.

7. This fragrant plant can thrive pretty well on neglect, especially in any poor soil conditions.

8. When it comes to plant symbolism, lavender represents purity, devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness.

9. Lavender is actually a part of the mint family!

10. Unsurprisingly, Queen Victoria was also a huge fan of lavender. She made sure that all of her furniture was cleaned with a lavender-based solution, and her drink of choice was lavender-infused tea to help ease her stomach.


When you bring home a lavender plant, you’ll start to realize just how much it has to offer. Not only do they brighten up a living space, lavender blooms really do exude an aura of calmness and cleanliness.

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