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If you’re a millennial, your Instagram feed probably shows more than enough evidence of millennials apparent indoor plant mania…and this is one obsession we’re on board for. With their positive effects on health, mood, and concentration, indoor plants are thoughtful gifts that make your friends feel great while making their homes look great. It’s a win-win! But there are as many houseplant temperaments as there are personalities, and you don’t want to end up giving someone a plant that’s more (or less) work than they’d prefer. That’s why we’ve got the rundown on the best houseplants for every personality, so you can be sure you’re giving a gift that will get the love it deserves!

Best Houseplants by Personality Type

The Free Spirit: Barrel Cactus

With its robust stature and prickly exterior, the barrel cactus is a strong, independent plant. While it is not in a cactus’ nature to live indoors, this spiky succulent is built to withstand long dry periods in harsh desert environments – making it one of the best houseplants to give to a similarly independent homeowner prone to spontaneous trips abroad, the odd meditation retreat, or just long periods of introspection. The otherworldly, low-maintenance yellow-and-green barrel cactus won’t get upset if left to its own devices for a while, and can survive on very little water – all it needs are the needles on its back and a giant, sun-facing window. (Seriously – without lots of sun, it will get sad, just like your roaming friend.)

The Perfectionist/Tinkerer: Orchid

You know that friend whose “on time” is “early,” who cooks gourmet meals after spin class on a weeknight and still manages to color coordinate the kids’ lunches? You love this friend – this friend is the most dependable person you know, even if you suspect she’s secretly using magic to clean the house. This friend was born for indoor orchid care. While orchids can be good plants to give as gifts to anyone willing to put in a little effort, for a perfectionist, they’re – well – perfect! Hailing from tropical climates with lots of humidity, orchids can be temperamental when it comes to room temperature, and they need tons of moisture in the air. Your type-A friend will have no problem attending to her orchid’s every whim to keep it looking fresh and beautiful… and will probably appreciate its hypoallergenic blossoms, because there’s no time for sneezing when there are PTA meetings to host. Orchids are an equal opportunity houseplant, so don’t be afraid to gift them to men and women alike. Indoor orchid care will come naturally to anyone with a tinkering, ever-so-slightly obsessive soul.

The Practical Life-Hacker: Aloe Vera

Whether your friend is obsessed with zero waste and upcycling, loves a hack for any problem, or just appreciates a pragmatic bargain, aloe vera is the perfect two-in-one plant to give as a gift. This humble succulent packs more punch than it seems: not only does it lend a calm, unassuming splash of green to any room, but it also doubles as a skincare product/home remedy. That’s right – the sap in aloe’s leaves can be rubbed directly onto sunburns to soothe pain and rehydrate the skin, making it one of the best houseplants to give to problem-solvers, efficiency enthusiasts, and laid-back souls (or even just that one friend who always forgets to pack the sunscreen…)

The Conscientious Host(ess): Peace Lily

This one is good news for a friend’s living room and their Instagram. Give the beautiful, eye-catching peace lily to that friend who always seems to have someone over for a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or just a long conversation by the window. The peace lily not only looks amazing, but it also purifies the air, so guests will always feel calm and welcome. According to a NASA study, some common plants use their natural processes to filter toxins from the air. Ironically, as good as this plant is for humans, it’s actually toxic to animals – so unfortunately it’s not the best houseplant to give to a pet-lover!

The Patient Nurturer: Bromeliad

While maintaining a bromeliad isn’t quite as complicated as indoor orchid care, it does come with the challenges of any tropical plant – i.e. it’s particular about its water. And we do mean particular: bromeliad-owners literally give their plants “sips” of water in their cup-like leaves. So this gorgeous plant, with its unique shape and deep, striking color, makes a good plant to gift to someone who has enough genuine love and patience to cater to its exact needs.

Bonus: An Ephemeral Treat for the Busy Bee

Let’s face it: not everyone has the space, time, or patience to tend to lots of houseplants. That’s why a fresh-cut, farm-to-table Bouq makes the perfect no-strings gift for any personality. We have something for everyone – happiness guaranteed! Need a little advice on which houseplants to gift? Read our guide on indoor plant care!

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