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5 Flowers for 5 Kinds of Birthday Girls & Guys!

Happy Birthday Roses

Picture it: You have a friend’s, family member’s, or significant other’s birthday right around the corner, but you can’t decide what to get them. It can be hard to think of the perfect birthday gift to tell someone just how much you love them. That can be a lot of pressure! Especially in situations where the birthday guy or gal seems to already have everything. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be hard to find the perfect gift – all you have to do is send a special bundle of happy birthday roses!

At this point, some of you are probably thinking, “Birthday roses? Isn’t that better for a date or an anniversary?” Don’t worry – for every person who would appreciate a Bouq of birthday roses, there are two or three who’d love some other gorgeous bloom. In fact, there’s a different kind of birthday flower for every personality! Whether your loved one is super outdoorsy, a party animal, or a bohemian babe, you can find the perfect type of birthday flower delivery for them – and we’ll tell you how.


Flowers for Your Outdoorsy Friend: Add Succulents

You know the type of friend we are talking about – the one who fits in a sunrise hike before you guys meet up for brunch. This friend of yours lives to camp and sleep under the stars. The perfect kind of birthday flowers for your outdoorsy friend is a bouquet sprinkled with succulents.

Succulents add a natural, green touch to any bouquet and will remind your outdoorsy friend of the great outdoors. Bonus points: succulents can be replanted from trimmings! Your outdoorsy friend will be excited to get down in the dirt and plant some succulents to start the next year of their life off right!

Flowers for Your Party Animal Friend: Fill Their Day with Color!

Chances are, this friend is always the life of the party. This birthday guy or gal has that kind of personality that just draws people to them like a moth to a bright light. So they need a birthday flower delivery that’s just as bright and brilliant as they are!

If you send your friend a super colorful Bouq of birthday flowers, whether they are roses, carnations, or a mixture of lots of different flowers, you will be filling their day with the same joy and energy they bring to the party.

Flowers for the Instagram Star in Your Life: All the Roses

There is no better gift for the Instagram star in your life than a giant bundle of happy birthday roses that they can show off to their followers. Roses are very classy, come in all different kinds of colors, and are super romantic. If you want a picture-perfect way to woo your sweetheart for their birthday, you are guaranteed to get their heart fluttering with a big bundle of roses.

Flowers for the Bohemian Babe in Your Life: Sunflowers

For the all-natural burst of sunshine in your life, the choice of birthday flowers is clear. They obviously need a fresh birthday flower delivery full of sunflowers! Beautiful, bright, yellow sunflowers evoke so much joy.

If you want bonus points, be sure to add sprigs of lavender to their birthday flower delivery, and your boho-chic friend will be feeling super relaxed on their birthday.

Flowers for the Sandy Beach-Goer: Tropical Bouquets

Your friend who lives at the beach and always has a surfboard in their car will be delighted to receive a birthday flower delivery with some tropical flowers in it! Think plumerias, lilies, or red ginger flowers. The flowers will feel like their favorite thing – a day at the beach!


No matter what kind of flowers you need for the special birthday guy or gal, The Bouqs Co. has you covered. We even have overnight delivery for those birthdays that snuck up on you! And don’t fear if you’ve forgotten a birthday, read our tips on how to make up for a birthday that slipped your mind.

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