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The Best Ways to Say “Congrats!” to a Coworker

How To Say Congrats

Whether your work bestie just got a big promotion or that coworker you’re still getting to know suddenly has a ring on it, there’s never a shortage of reasons to give congrats to someone at the office.

If you’re super tight with your coworkers, or just blessed with superhuman gift-giving skills, giving congratulations gifts is an exciting time to shower your work friends with love and appreciation. But it can also be an occasion sprinkled with unnecessary pressure.

You want to be thoughtful yet work-appropriate, generous but not overly lavish. Even a rock-solid gift like a farm fresh flower delivery can turn into a burden for the unlucky allergy-prone deskmate.

Well, if there’s anything The Bouqs Co. knows about, it’s gifts. That’s why we’re here to break down how to say congrats with style and grace, bringing you a mix of classic and unique gift ideas that might even have you wishing someone would return the favor.


Wine in a Trendy Tote

Wine might not be the most surprising gift, but it is a classic for a reason. A tried-and-true gesture of everything from gratitude to hospitality, wine makes a great congratulations gift for the coworker who deserves to rest on their laurels after some serious hard work. There’s hardly a more direct way to say congratulations than with a fancy drink literally invented for relaxation.

For an extra special twist, put the wine in a trendy tote bag that doubles as both giftwrapping and a chic organizational tool. Because, hey, after the celebration’s over, we still have work to do.

Sleek Reusable Mug or Thermos

This is the go-to congratulations gift for the practical, eco-friendly coworker, whether they take their caffeine very seriously or can’t function without some chamomile to take the edge off. Whatever poison gets them through the day, an eco-friendly insulated beverage container will help warm their bellies and their hearts by keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum – not to mention giving them a much-needed boost during the next mind-numbing status meeting.

Gift Card

Gift cards get a bad rap for being impersonal, but they can be the ideal thoughtful gift for that type-A coworker who always knows exactly what they want. Plus, you’ll be taking their personality into account when buying the card: one coworker may be all over a spa day while another would be happy with a week’s worth of premium coffee. A gift card gives a perfect balance of care and freedom to colleagues who deserve to treat themselves.

Subscription Box

It’s no secret: there is truly a subscription service for everyone these days. You can get a tasting of snacks from around the world, wine and beer, coffee or espresso, make-up, books… and not to brag, but even fresh cut flowers! And when we’re all busier than ever with long commutes, gym time, family time, and everything in between, sometimes it’s best to let the experts handle assembly and delivery.

Most subscription boxes even offer one-time purchases or gift boxes with special selections. Whether you go with a one-off gift or a year’s worth of goodies, a subscription box is a fun way to send a bundle of surprises your coworker’s way.

Their Own Bouq!

At the end of the day, everyone appreciates a Bouq of fresh cut flowers after accomplishing a big work or life milestone. And don’t let allergies scare you – there are plenty of hypoallergenic flowers you can send as an alternative, not to mention pollen-free potted plants perfect for dressing up your coworker’s desk a little.


If you’re still wondering how to say congrats to your colleague, stop by The Bouqs Co. today to get inspired! Our hand-curated, farm-fresh congratulations Bouqs are designed to celebrate exactly what makes your coworkers amazing. Let us let them know how much they rock!

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