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The Bouqs’ Guide to First Anniversary Gifts: Paper

First Anniversary Flower Gifts

Many people believe that the first year of marriage is the hardest. Whether that’s true or not, a first wedding anniversary is cause for celebration. You’ve weathered the ups and downs of your new relationship status and have come out still together. So, what do you get for all your effort? Well… paper.

Yes, someone long ago thought that all a couple earns for making it through the big adjustments of being in a new marriage is paper. Upon initial inspection, the idea of a paper gift seems pretty anticlimactic, but there are ways to take the paper anniversary tradition and make it something very memorable (take that old-time anniversary rule makers).

So, if you’re searching for the perfect first-anniversary gift to fit the paper theme, here are some fun and romantic options to consider in addition to the gorgeous first anniversary flowers you already have picked out.


Framed Vows

If it feels like only yesterday that you two were up there exchanging your vows, why not celebrate the moment with a framed copy of your vows to hang on the wall? There are plenty of online printing sites that allow you to customize your creation. Simply choose an eye-catching layout, select a pretty font, and input your vows. Once you’re happy with your piece, order it up. When it arrives, you can pick a stunning frame for it to go in. It’s a thoughtful gift that the two of you can enjoy for years to come.


Wait… what? Flowers aren’t paper, but you could incorporate some paper into this gift. If you sign your SO up for monthly flower delivery for a year and include details of your gift on a card (paper) or certificate (paper), you’re completely covered. You get the glory of coming up with gorgeous first anniversary flowers that keep on giving and you stay true to the paper wedding anniversary theme.


If your spouse is a music buff, consider picking up a pair of concert tickets as a first-anniversary gift. Alternately, if you have a sports fanatic on your hands, a couple of tickets to a game would be a great idea. Either way, you have an amazing paper gift and a date night all in one.


If you two are travelers or hope to be, then a map makes a meaningful first-anniversary gift. Try to find a map that you find appealing and mark all the spots you’ve traveled to together. You can do this with push pins or any other marker you like. Another option is to purchase a scratch map, which allows you to scratch off places you’ve been. Once you’ve marked it, frame it and it’s ready to give. Another map option is to mark the spot where you first met or where you had your first date.


Those who haven’t been living together for long may still have some blank walls to fill. Plenty of art is done on paper. Go with a style that fits the two of you as a couple. It could be as simple as a framed movie poster from the first film you saw together or a concert poster from a band you saw on a date. A portrait or caricature of the two of you is another fun idea. If more traditional art is your style, look for a sketch or watercolor painting done on paper.


Anyone who has a bookworm on their hands knows that books are prized gifts. For a first-anniversary gift the book should be extra special. It could be a hard-to-find edition of a favorite book, a special story from your partner’s childhood, or something meaningful to the two of you. Present your rare find with a striking artisan bouquet of first anniversary flowers and you have a winning combination.


There are so many ways to play with the idea of paper wedding anniversary gifts. You absolutely don’t have to present your love with a set of stationary (unless you’re married to an office supplies nut). Remember, flowers make everyone happy. If you want to take your gift to the next level, adding some first anniversary flowers is always a great idea. At you can order an artisan crafted Bouq just for the big day or set up delivery for the entire year.

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