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Fall Colors: Our Favorite Orange Flowers

Fall Orange Flowers

Orange is definitely the color of the fall season. It’s warm like apple cider, bright like pumpkins, and without a doubt, it belongs in your floral arrangements! That’s right – even though spring and summer are over, the season of flowers is neverending. That’s why we’re here to help you get in the fall spirit with blooms and Bouqs that’ll just make you want to cozy up by the fire.

If you need to brighten up a loved one’s dreary fall, a floral arrangement that incorporates orange is great way to go! There are so many different types of orange flowers that are perfect to spice up your fall Bouqs. If you’re looking for flowers for Halloween, consider pairing one of these orange blooms with some mysterious black flowers. Check out our orange floral favorites below:


Tulips come in all colors and shades, and are a fan favorite flower for a reason. You have not lived until you’ve seen a bunch of bright, beautiful, orange tulips!

Orange tulips are symbolic of happiness, too, so send some orange tulips someone to brighten up their day.


Roses are another flower that come in a plethora of colors, but they’re especially fun in shades of orange. Orange roses look like a sunset meets a Big Stick popsicle!

Orange roses represent passion and desire, so add some passion to your fall floral arrangements.


If you are looking for fun types of orange flowers to refresh your fall floral arrangements, look no further than the marigold!

Marigolds are associated with the beauty and warmth of the rising sun, which makes sense because they look like big, beautiful, sunshiny pom-poms. If you need to cheer someone up or add a little sunshine to your home, grab a Bouq with marigolds in it.


Everyone always thinks of roses when they think of flowers that symbolize love, but you can’t forget about lovely carnations.

That’s right – carnations are also the flowers of love! Plus, they are widely available and usually have a long vase-life too. Carnations come in a true rainbow of colors, including fall’s signature pumpkin-spice orange.


The ranunculus is a beautiful and full bulb that makes for a favorite in any arrangement. Add a couple of orange ranunculus to your fall floral arrangements, and you are absolutely stylin’.

The ranunculus flower is symbolic of radiant charm, and these flowers will charm your pants off, that’s for sure. If you have never heard of a ranunculus, but you have heard of buttercups, fun fact: they’re the same thing! They are called buttercups in some regions and ranunculus in others.

No matter what you call them, as types of orange flowers go, ranunculus is definitely a keeper.

Calla Lilies

That’s right – known traditionally for being white, even calla lilies can give a pop of fall color.

Calla lilies already carry a certain elegance about them, but when they are orange they also add a sense of warmth and comfort. It’s a beautiful combination! According to the Victorian language of flowers and the ancient Greek tradition, these flowers are symbolic of magnificent and overwhelming beauty.


Daisies already look like sunshine embodied in a flower, no matter the color, but when you look at an orange daisy, it’s as close as looking at the sun as you can get without seriously injuring yourself (unless you get the flower to close to your eyes, but we don’t recommend that).

Daisies represent happiness, so if you are looking for a happy little flower to bring some brightness and joy to your fall season, be sure to find an arrangement with orange daisies in it!

Ready to spice up your or a loved one’s home with a pop of fall color? Bouqs has plenty of flower arrangements that explode with different types of orange flowers for any fall occasion.

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