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Easy DIY-able Thanksgiving Tablescape: Tulips & Butcher Paper

Thanksgiving Table Setting with Tulips

Thanksgiving is obviously a time of gratitude and appreciation, but it can also be filled with stress—awkward small-talk with that one cousin, making sure the turkey, stuffing, potatoes, etc. are timed perfectly, and of course, maintaining a tidy house for your grandma that can see dust a mile away. Keep some of the anxiety at bay with an easy table setting, but keep it ‘grammable with attainable aesthetic elements.

Twist things up this year by placing an unexpected fall flower choice, tulips on your Thanksgiving table.  Orange, yellow and red-hued tulips make for a warm, and festive setting full of cheer. Tulips have little to no scent, so they won’t interfere with the turkey aroma (turkey and floral fragrances aren’t an ideal combo, trust us.) Here we used our Sherbet and Tiger tulips shipped from one of the sustainable farms we work with, like Sun Valley Floral Farms. If you want to try something unique, you can try using parrot tulips, the feathered flower.

Tabletop Orange Tulips

Mix and match vases and jars for a fun look

Keep in mind, you will also need to trim the stems daily, as tulip stems continue to grow after they have been cut (magic!) Use a variety of jars and vases to create a dimensional tablescape. Small-necked vases will hold the tulips erect, while wide-necked vases will allow the flowers room to splay out.

We are always pro-tablecloth, but butcher paper is a great alternative if you are going for a more casual look–plus, it makes for easier cleanup! Fully cover your tables and secure it under the table with masking tape, cut the paper into a runner, or make individual placemats. A patterned tablecloth looks great when juxtaposed against the simple brown paper, but a solid color would work as well. For an interactive element, place white ink pens on the table and encourage everyone to draw or write notes about what they are thankful for this year.

Write and Draw on Table

Leave pens on the table so guests can write and draw

Use simple white dishes, which are crisp and clean, and look great with a splash of cranberry sauce—pro-tip: salad plates can be cleared, and quickly thrown in the dishwasher to then be used later in the night for dessert—and mix and match cups if you do not have a large enough set. You can always find fun vintage glassware at estate sales, thrift stores, and furniture consignment stores. There is nothing wrong with the little-bit-of-this, little-bit-of-that look.

So, to summarize:

  • Change it up – add an unexpected twist with an unusual flower choice i.e. tulips!
  • Keep it simple – brown butcher paper, basic dining ware, and a fun printed tablecloth make for a cute and easy table.
  • Mix and match – use different sized jars, vases and cups to keep your table fuss-free.

We at The Bouqs Company hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of good times and good food! Be sure to share your Thanksgiving tablescape photos with us by tagging @TheBouqsCo or using #BouqLove.

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