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The Perfect Themes & Flowers for a Dinner Party

Dinner Party Themes

Summertime is here, and that means sunny days spent in the backyard by the pool with lots of delicious food and drink. When it comes to throwing a dinner party, take a break from the usual barbeque and try some of these unique dinner party themes. Get ready for an evening of food and flowers with your nearest and dearest!


Breakfast For Dinner

Who doesn’t love breakfast? And who says you can only have waffles in the morning anyways? Surprise your guests with this fun idea, and invite them to bring a breakfast favorite of their own to contribute. (When everyone contributes their own home cooking to the meal, you get a taste of everyone’s childhood. It also creates an awesome bonding experience!) Make it an extra-unique dinner party theme by requiring a ‘dress code’: Make sure your guests arrive in their pajamas! Step it up another notch and wear animal onesies like these for ultimate comfort.

Now to the best part of throwing a dinner party: The food! We love these fabulous breakfast recipes from professional hostess Martha Stewart. Breakfast also means doughnuts, obviously! Set up a tasty donut buffet inside your dining room to give your guests a proper sugar fix! For drinks, Martha suggests exchanging the classic hot cup of coffee for a  powered-up ice-cold microbrew. As for the “party” half of a “breakfast-for-dinner party,” we humbly suggest a Mimosa Bar.

Of course, no dinner party theme is complete without the decorations. For the party favors, we like the idea of mini cereal boxes that look adorable inside colorful bowls. Just tie the boxes onto the bowl with pretty ribbon, and you are good to go! For a touch of floral beauty, head on over to Bouqs and order some delicate pink carnations to spread around the table.

The final touch to the perfect party is the entertainment. Once everyone has eaten, queue up some movies. For extra laughs and cozy vibes, we recommend a throwback theme like “Matilda,” “Groundhog Day,” or the uber-appropriate “The Breakfast Club.”

Bonfire on the Beach

As summer draws to an end, who doesn’t want to fit in one last great outdoor gathering while it is still warm? The perfect summer day out on the beach ends with an incredible bonfire surrounded by your best friends. Pro tip: Do your research on the local regulations for group gatherings and bonfires as well as the parking situation at your chosen beach venue.

Plan to have everyone arrive two hours before sunset so everyone can catch some sun rays and go for a swim before the main event. To minimize your carbon footprint on the beach, bring trash bags and a pair of gloves for each guest to clean up afterwards.

As for set-up, invest in some cute umbrellas or a tent to protect your guests – and the food – from the sun. You may even want to have separate tents for chilling and for eating – but either way, swap out the usual awkward beach chairs for some fun, colorful throw pillows and blankets. By omitting folding chairs, you will create a more intimate environment that is easy to pack up at the end of the night. Stream up some lantern lights around the seating area with floor lanterns spread throughout to create a casual but exotic vibe. And of course, since you’re throwing a dinner party, don’t forget some surfaces to keep the food and drink on!

For the main meal, we suggest simple foods like this innovative chopped salad in a cup, which minimizes the amount of trash and keeps the sand out of your teeth. And you can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned campfire hot dog roast – but feel free to mix it up with bacon-wrapped and vegan versions. For refreshments, water is an absolute must when you are out in the hot sun. Keep your guests hydrated with pitchers of cucumber and mint infused water.

Of course, we can’t forget the classic S’mores for dessert! Give this timeless favorite a fun upgrade by experimenting with variations of cookies in place of graham crackers.


All that is missing now is the flowers. When we picture a beach party, we picture colorful plants that seem straight off the plane from some tropical island. Head over to Bouqs for a beautiful selection of tropical blooms. You can even mix it up by placing some lilies inside coconut cups.

We, at The Bouqs, hope you have an amazing summer! And as always, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your floral party needs. Don’t forget to keep us in the loop with your favorite floral crafts and decor via #bouqslove on Instagram.

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