Valentine's Day

Treat Your Beau with These Fun Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Date Ideas For Him

Has your guy ever surprised you with an incredible date that’s all about you? Think about it – even if he just plans dates that are “for the two of you,” they’re probably more about what you like than what he does. Have you ever considered planning a memorable date night for him, though? You may have taken the reigns on occasion and made the dinner reservations or planned a picnic for two, but have you ever taken the time to dream up some cute date ideas for him?

We all love to tell ourselves that the date planning is 50/50 and that our guys thoroughly enjoy the usual dinner and a movie or Netflix and chill dates that we plan. While it’s probably true that he’s thrilled to be hanging out with you and is touched that you took the time to make some arrangements to be with him, the activities likely wouldn’t be his first choice if he had free reign.

So, why not dig deep and plan something extra special for your guy? After all, he does a lot of great stuff for you. Of course, just like us girls, not every dude is the same. With that in mind, here is a variety of cute date ideas with some “dude appeal”. Feel free to pick and choose to suit your guy’s tastes.


Virtual Reality Arcade

If your guy’s a little tech nerdy (in the best way, of course—who doesn’t love to get their computer fixed for free) then a trip to a virtual reality arcade is the perfect date night for him. Sign up for a multiplayer game and get ready to battle it out in a whole new world. You can even stop off for some pizza on the way. On second thought, you may want to save eating for after you’ve turned your world upside down.

Get Outdoorsy

If your guy is the rugged, adventurous type and you tend to want to stay in, plan an outdoorsy date that’s all about him. When you’re brainstorming date ideas for him, think about the kinds of outdoorsy things he likes to do.

For instance, a kayaking adventure for two would be great for a water sports-loving guy—waterskiing is another great option. If he prefers to stay on land, maybe plan a challenging hike or book some archery lessons for two.


Guys and beer are pretty synonymous. There are some guys out there who love a nice glass of wine or even a fruity cocktail, but if your guy is the beer-swilling type, then a brewpub or brewery date is the perfect choice. Take him out to a local brewpub and sample a range of their finest brews. Order up a big plate of nachos for two and let the conversation flow.

If you live near some local breweries, you could also look into a brewery tour. Exploring a range of local breweries together is one of those date ideas for him that will win you major points.

Driving Experience

Those who have a car guy on their hands should look to anything that allows your guy to live his passion. If you live somewhere that offers a driving experience such as the one at BMW, book him in for the ultimate driving adventure. Other cute date ideas for guys who love cars include hitting up a classic car show, go-carting, checking out an automotive museum, or just hopping in your 4-wheel drive and going off-roading.

Game Day Out

Anyone who’s dating a sports enthusiast knows that attending a live game is the ultimate guy’s day out. Maybe he usually goes with his buddies or perhaps you occasionally tag along. If you want to plan a special date night for him, though, surprise him with a pair of tickets. Wear a jersey and plan a tailgate party for two. Go all out to show your support for his obsession.

There are tons of incredible cute date ideas for guys – you just have to think from his perspective. Besides, once he’s had his memorable “man date” he’ll be ultra-grateful and ready to turn the tables again. This is the perfect time to send him to and casually mention that you love the look of peonies (or callas… or tulips…) in the apartment.

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