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Christmas Around the World

Without a doubt, Christmas is probably one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Festive lights, tree decorating, piles of presents, peppermint lattes – what’s not to love about it?

For some of us, however, Christmas is more than just the gifts we receive. It’s about spending quality time with the most important people in our lives, whether it’s family, friends, or your romantic partner. It’s no wonder everyone calls it the most wonderful time of the year!

And it’s not just us; people across the globe love the Christmas holidays and the festivities that come with them! Not all of them spend the day leaving cookies out for a man in a red suit, though – find out how folks celebrate Christmas around the world (along with some famous flower traditions associated with the winter season, of course).



In December, the weather may be warm for those living in the country of Mexico, but everyone is still excitedly preparing for the upcoming winter festivities. Families across the country gather to shop for gifts, ornaments, and food in local market stalls called puestos. If you were to walk through many of the neighborhoods, you’ll notice that houses are adorned with lily flowers and evergreens to get into the spirit of Christmas. Another common decorative item you’ll find is a DIY lantern made out of brown paper bags – also known as farolitos.

On Christmas Days, families will attend church before heading back home for dinner. A typical Christmas dinner in a Mexican household consists of oxtail soup with beans and hot chili and then roasted turkey as the main course.

Costa Rica

During Christmas season in Costa Rica, you’ll notice that most of their holiday traditions are similar to the ones in the U.S. What’s unique about December in this country is that people spend a good portion of their time sprucing up a 3-D model of the nativity scene, which they call the pasito (or “portal”). These models serve as important symbols of Christmas, and popular decorations include tropical flowers or fruits.

Most of the Costa Rican population is made up of Roman Catholics, so it’s also a tradition on Christmas Eve for people to attend Midnight Mass or – as they call it – Misa de Gallo (Mass of the Rooster). On Christmas Day, families will gather for a meal consisting of pork and chicken tamales wrapped in plantain leaves.


Despite many holiday artifacts being manufactured in China, not many people in the country are actually are familiar with the traditions of Christmas itself! But of course, that doesn’t stop them from taking part in the festivities just like everyone else. Similar to North America, people exchange gifts, decorate cityscapes with bright lights, and spend the holidays with friends or family.

However, people in China have also come up with their own unique tradition for Christmas: exchanging apples! This is most likely because the word for Christmas Eve in Chinese (Ping An Ye) is similar to the word for apple (Ping Guo). Bring on the fruit!

South Korea & Japan

In the neighboring countries of South Korea and Japan, Christmas is seen more as a time for spreading cheer than it is a religious celebration. In fact, this is a popular holiday amongst couples over anyone else. Lovers spend the day cozying up with matching couples’ wear, exchanging store-bought or handmade gifts, strolling around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights, and sharing a romantic meal. Specifically, in Japan, people love to chow down on fried chicken – looks like turkey isn’t the go-to main course for the holidays.


Many of the traditions celebrated in Norway line up with those of North America. People in Norway love the overall festivities of the holiday, whether or not they’re religious. However, there is one unique tradition that occurs on Christmas Eve where people hide their brooms. This practice actually stems from an old legend when people once believed that witches and other evil spirits come out on Christmas Eve to haunt innocent civilians on broomsticks.

But despite this small scare factor, Christmas is still considered one of the jolliest holidays of the year!


No matter where you are in the world, we can all agree that Christmas is the ideal time for families, friends, and lovers alike to gather and celebrate the spirit of giving! Here at The Bouqs, we fully support the idea of brightening up any home or office space to help you join in on all the holiday festivities.

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