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Best Floral Arrangements for Graduation Party Season

Graduation Flower Arrangements

Looking for something simple yet stunning to create a special celebration for your soon-to-be graduate? One thing that definitely can’t be missing from any graduation party is gorgeous graduation flower arrangements. We’ve gathered some great ideas for you on what flowers to choose and what styles to put them in to set a celebratory scene for the big graduation party.


1. Pink stargazer lilies for a tropical themed party

One of the most common flowers for graduation party celebrations is the lily, especially the pink stargazer lily, which symbolizes prosperity and success. Lilies are frequently chosen to convey congratulations to someone and encourage them to seize the day (and the world!) so a graduation flower arrangement starring stargazer lilies says everything you’d want to on the day.

Pink and white ginger in combination with some tropical greenery like in this exotic Bouq will constitute an astonishing centerpiece for a tropical-themed graduation party. If you want to take your flower arrangement to the next level, consider making a DIY pineapple vase and use the insides to garnish some celebratory piña colada cocktails to pass around.


2. Daisies for a sweet graduation flower arrangement

If your grad loves boho style and wildflowers, then daisies are the perfect flowers for their graduation flower arrangement. The daisy is a cheerful flower, perfect for such a celebration. With its fresh, carefree look, it flawlessly portrays a graduate’s fresh beginning and excitement for all the adventurous new things to come, while also representing a sense of youth and wildness.

Choose daisies for a more casual celebration with hints of a picnic-style, with a classic red and white tablecloth underneath if you want to go all the way. Also, daisies make the perfect fit if the school colors are green and white.


3. Sophisticated white rose centerpiece

Roses always rank around the top of the most popular flower arrangements for grad parties, expressing your congratulations and also your love for your little (or not so much anymore) grad. We always say: “when in doubt choose roses.” If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated look to throw a Hollywood-level party, then look no further. Try putting some gorgeous white roses in a minimal clear vase. Combine them with some black ribbon and throw in a little Baby’s Breath to make it look fuller.

Extra tip: Adding some golden elements will make the centerpiece even more striking.


4. Girly bright pink party with carnations

Carnations are appropriate for nearly any occasion, as they are a symbol of both love and admiration. They are also perfect flowers for graduation party celebrations as they come in so many colors they can represent pretty much any school. Apart from being the second most popular cut flower after roses, carnations are regularly used to create fabulous floral leis.

If you want to throw a girly party for your darling graduate, opt for pink carnations for the graduation flower arrangements. Put them in some clear light blue mason jars and complement the table with some multicolored polka dot napkins, for a perfect princess setting.


5. Style and succulents

Running on a tighter budget? No problem. If you’re having a backyard celebration and don’t want to go crazy on big flower arrangements for grad party high-jinks, just go with some DIY decorated succulents. Get some silver-colored tin cans and simply place the succulents inside. Succulents are very stylish and trendy and make a perfect fit, especially for any youngster looking to keep their party low-profile yet chic and classy. That way everyone’s happy.


6. School Colors

Not sure about the style/flower you want to go with or what your grad would prefer? Go back to basics and focus on incorporating their school colors into the flower arrangements for grad party fun. You can’t go wrong with that! Here are some flower ideas to nail the school colors you are looking for:

Iris – Blue

Tulips – Yellow

Lilies – White

Roses – Red

Mini hydrangeas – Green

Remember if your grad has a favorite flower definitely look to include that in your graduation flower arrangements. The whole celebration will mean even more to them. If you need some tips on the basics of arranging your flowers, check out our other blog posts and you’ll be creating beautiful arrangements in no time.


So, stress less about planning and organizing and get some inspiration with our fitting fresh flowers for your graduation party combined with the best style ideas to celebrate that magic moment. Have a great celebration!

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