Gifting New Baby Occasions

The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide

Baby Shower Gifts

Big news: a loved one just sent you an invitation for their upcoming baby shower! A new bun in the oven is always something worth celebrating, and we want to help you prepare for the occasion. Because no one should show up to any occasion empty-handed!

Sure, moms are everyone’s favorite superheroes (minus the capes), but just because they always know best doesn’t mean they don’t need a bit of support along the way. That’s why we’ve prepped the ultimate gift guide that’s sure to help your expecting loved one breeze through motherhood!

Without further ado, here are some thoughtful gifts that any new baby and their expecting family are sure to love:


Personalized Diapers

Moms can never have enough of them – literally! Newborns can use up to a dozen diapers a day, which means a lot of baby funds are spent on packs of diapers, every new mom’s best friend and worst enemy.

No worries, you can help alleviate some damage to your mom-to-be’s wallet and bring a few much-needed packs of diapers. But not just any diapers: personalized diapers! That’s right, lets you choose the adorable designs on these bundles, including the baby’s name. So not only will the baby be prepared for any accident (big or small), they’ll also look fashionable on-the-go!

Projector Nightlight

Nightlights are an essential when it comes to making any new baby feel safe in a dark room, and they’re a popular gift at any baby shower because of how practical they are. Don’t want to show up to the party with just any generic nightlight? We got your back.

A nightlight that projects the night sky isn’t just beautiful to gaze at, it’ll definitely lull a newborn to sleep. Moms can change the colors to their liking and play some sweet lullabies, making bedtime a lot easier!

Baby Bullet

Believe it or not, preparing a meal for any new baby is tough. A mom would have to purchase baby food in bulk, which can add up in the long run. Plus, packaged food just isn’t as fresh as a home-cooked meal, and every mom wants to feed their babies only the best.

A Baby Bullet makes motherhood just a bit easier. Not only will a mother know everything that goes into the meal, she’ll be able to customize her baby’s nutrition plan for a healthy, happy life! Plus, there’s the added perks of extra storage space and easy clean-ups. What’s not to love about this handy blender?

Baby Clothes Subscription

Just like diapers, babies can go through clothes quickly. Food stains, unexpected accidents – the possibilities for newborns are endless! One baby onesie probably won’t make it that far down the road. That’s why we recommend a subscription box of colorful baby clothes that an expecting mother is sure to love!

Mac & Mia offers a multitude of styles to keep a baby hip and “with the trend.” Not only can you consult a personal stylist via their site to make sure the box is tailored to mom’s liking, you can even pick out the clothes you’ll end up keeping and only pay for the ones you take! What a deal!

A Fresh Bouq for Mom

Flowers are the perfect gift when it comes to celebrating a milestone, and like we said before, new babies are always something to celebrate! A bouquet does more than just tell someone “Congratulations!” – it sends a message of care and love for the recipient, which is exactly what any expecting mother needs.

Surprise the mom-to-be with farm-fresh blooms to celebrate a new birth from our collection curated just for moments like this! Here at The Bouqs, we only strive to make every moment in life beautiful by accompanying you and your loved ones with the freshest arrangements around. Happy shopping!

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