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6 Valentine Bouquets That Say How You Feel

Couple With Romantic Valentine's Day Flowers

Sometimes it’s tough to pick the right flowers for your loved one that will perfectly say what you feel. But, the day of love is approaching and we’re here to offer our expertise so you can leave a lasting impression on her this Valentine’s Day.

On the one hand, flowers say it all. But on the other hand, the wrong flowers say a lot, too. Valentine’s Day is the one day you want to get the message right, so here is our top list of farm-fresh Bouqs to help you really say what you mean.

1. “I Love You”

Bouquet of Red Roses

If the two of you are no stranger to sharing how you feel, our ‘Always’ Bouq is the perfect choice. This bouquet of red roses clearly shows that your affection transcends beyond Valentine’s Day.

2. “You’re Beautiful”

Romantic Flower Arrangement With Pink And White Roses

If your other half takes your breath away pretty regularly, then the grace and beauty of our ‘At First Sight’ Bouq is just right for her.

3. “You Bring Out The Best In Me”

Lovely Pink And White Tulips

The freshly-cut, white and pink tulips in our ‘Luxe’ Bouq are perfect for a relationship built on care and respect.

4. “I Can’t Wait to Grow With You.”

Festive Valentine's Day Bouquet

Can’t imagine life without them by your side? The peach roses in our ‘Lifetime’ Bouq will let her know.

5. “My Favorite Place to Be is With You.”

Sincere White And Peach Flowers

Do you and your significant other have a connection made through friendship, passion and excitement? Then let these white, orange and pink roses in ‘Cupid’ will show her.

6. “I’m So Proud Of You.”

Bright Red Roses With Purple Accents

Being with her is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. The classic red rose bouquet with a little twist not only lets her know she’s different but tells her she’s ‘Unforgettable’.

There’s no doubt in our minds that one of these arrangements will bring a big smile to her face this Valentine’s Day. And if you need a little help signing the card, we won’t mind if you steal a line from above. This Valentine’s Day, put your trust in our hands and we’ll put a fresh-cut Bouq in hers.

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