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Present Ideas

Are you wondering what to gift your best friend, significant other, or family member this holiday season? We know gift-giving can be tough, especially when you want to get something that you know will actually be enjoyed and appreciated. We know it can be hard to find the perfect gift, so we’re here to help jump start those creative gifting ideas that we know are in the back of your mind. And if not, you can steal our unique Christmas present ideas—we promise we won’t tell!


A Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames were a huge hit when they came out a few years ago but seemed to drop in popularity shortly after. Well, when you weren’t looking, companies started making some serious improvements to these digital frames. Now they have spectacular resolution quality, different frame sizes and because SD cards are becoming almost obsolete, digital picture frames now have iCloud capability! If you don’t use iCloud, many frames allow you to send pictures through other means like email and Instagram. If you need some help choosing a digital picture frame, here’s a list to get you started.

In the age where we are constantly snapping pictures of our lives, we think a digital picture frame would be perfect to give to any Instagram lover. Download pictures from their personal Instagram page and upload them onto the digital picture frame. They’ll love seeing a highlight reel of their favorite moments. Gifting to your best friend? Upload pictures from your last adventure together to add an extra special touch! This would also make a perfect gift for your long-distance partner to remember the fun times you’ve spent together, even while you’re (temporarily) apart!

A Handmade Gift

Okay, we know we’re all not the craftiest, but that doesn’t mean we can’t gift something unique and handmade! Connect with your local artist or artisan at an art walk to find the perfect one-of-a-kind gift. With a little searching you can get a custom piece of record art, handmade bags and jewelry, or natural beauty products.

Handcrafted gifts are perfect for those that seem to already have everything. They’ll appreciate the thought in finding a gift that wasn’t just pulled off a shelf at a department store. Also, taking the “homemade” route means you won’t have to worry that the receiver might get the same gift twice!

A Curated Gift Basket

A gift basket is perfect for those people in your life that are always in need of a little something here and there—a refill on their favorite roller-ball perfume, a scarf to go with their new winter coat, and everything in between.

A gift basket can be as elaborate or simple as you want and is great when you can’t think of one good thing to gift your loved one, but instead have tons of smaller things in mind. Instead of gifting in a traditional basket, go outside the norm and put the gifts in something that can be multifunctional. Try a flower pot for those plant lovers in your life, or a wicker basket for the those that need a little extra storage space in their home. What makes this gift more fun is in getting to open multiple “mini” presents instead of just one!

A Class or Activity

We all have someone in our lives with a bucket list that keeps on growing. This gifting season why not help them check a few things off their list? Gift your loved one something that they’ve always talked about doing whether it’s a salsa dancing class, a spa day, archery lessons, or skydiving lessons! This is also a great idea for those loved ones who are always giving their time and energy to support others. Show them that their affection has not been overlooked by a gift that allows them to take time out for themselves. This is a gift they’re sure to remember.   

A Subscription Package

Give a gift that keeps on giving! Subscriptions are great for your loved ones that you want to show your special appreciation for. Consider getting fans of a movies and shows a prepaid year subscription to their favorite streaming source. Music lovers would love a subscription to satellite radio, or their preferred music streaming site. And for everyone in between, a flower subscription from The Bouqs Co is guaranteed to light up their day, week, and month.

Finding the perfect holiday present can feel overwhelming during the Christmas season, but let’s not forget why we do it. Our friends and loved ones do so much to support us, challenge us, and love us all year round. We at The Bouqs Co think they deserve to be celebrated with an act of appreciation in whatever way that means for you, whether it’s with a thoughtful gift, their favorite fresh flowers, or a note from the heart.

The Bouqs Co wishes you and yours a happy, stress-free gift giving season!

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