The Most Underrated Wedding Flowers

hydrangea wedding bouquet held by a bride with sunset in background

Move over, roses and peonies… We love these classic blooms as much as the next person, but with so many options out there for unique bouquets, we’re here to give some much-needed attention to some of the more underrated wedding flowers. Some are well-known staples with a twist, others are more surprising. But rest assured that choosing any of these unique flowers for your wedding will automatically take your big day up a notch.


We’re serious! These fluffy blooms don’t always get the love they deserve, but their versatility, symbolism, and reliable beauty are making a comeback. Because of the simplicity of their blooms, you have so many options when it comes to these underrated wedding flowers: let them steal the show with a carnations-only Bouq, or play with texture and proportions by mixing them with smaller flowers and interesting greenery.

And you’re not limited to putting them in your bouquet… Try them hanging in a “flower wall,” in classic, subtle centerpieces, or even as part of your wardrobe in a flower crown or hairpiece.

Multi-Colored Hydrangea

These underrated wedding flowers are definitely a new twist on an old favorite. You’ve probably seen wedding hydrangeas in their famous white or pale blue shades, but there’s a whole world of hydrangeas out there that can give your big day flowers an edge. Multi-colored varieties can add a pop of pink or pale green to a Bouq that would otherwise blend in with your dress.

Choosing multi-colored hydrangea flowers for your wedding is perfect if you’re a bride who wants a little more flair on your big day.


Another oldie but goodie, lavender is so versatile – especially for a spring or country wedding – we can’t even begin to cover how perfect it is for a wedding.

Whether in your hand as a simple, mono-flower Bouq, sprinkled in with other flowers and greenery, or decorating candles or centerpieces, these delicate purple blooms won’t just look amazing, but will also spread a calming fragrance about the space. No flower is better for helping you beat those big-day butterflies! (Let’s just hope none of your guests are especially sensitive to flower fragrance.)


You read that right. This member of the cabbage family has been popping up at weddings for a while, and we’re all about it. Not only is it understated and widely available, it also lends a super trendy rustic vibe to any Bouq, especially for a fall or winter wedding.

It may not be a flower, but we think it deserves its place among underrated wedding flowers since its hardy green leaves balance out any larger, more show-stopping blooms.

Foraged Flowers

Foraged wedding flowers are very in right now, and we have to say, we understand why. Foraging local blooms not only makes your wedding more rustic and authentic, but can also be a fun way to get to know the environment where you’ll be tying the knot with your favorite person. What’s more romantic than that?

Plus, since you’ll probably be at least a little nervous leading up to the big day, you’ll benefit from the stress-reducing effects of spending time outdoors collecting the flowers. It’s a win-win!


When a flower has a variety named Blushing Bride, you know it could be a showstopper at your ceremony. These South African blooms might not be as under-the-radar today as they once were. A lot of ‘gram fabulous bridal bouquets have featured varieties of protea in recent years. They come with a profile that adds drama to any bouquet and their texture brings out the best in complementary blooms. We have some stunning king protea arrangements you can look at if you are considering this up-and-coming wedding favorite.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have been making appearances the last few years due to their versatility and unique textures they bring to wedding flowers. Some couples have opted for all dried flower arrangements for their wedding while others have experimented with elegant blends of dry flower and fresh blossoms. We love the unexpected depth and dimension they can bring to any wedding arrangement. Don’t underestimate what dried flowers can bring to any arrangement for your ceremony or reception or even bridesmaid bouquets.

Choosing flowers for a wedding can be overwhelming, but it can also be an exciting way to start personalizing your big day to make sure your unique style is truly represented. We hope this list of underrated wedding flowers gives you a great head start! And if you still need some wedding flower guidance, don’t hesitate to check out The Bouqs Co. for any guidance on selecting the blooms for your big day. We’ve got both hand-crafted wedding packages and DIY boxes for the creative-minded.


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