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The Ultimate Corporate Gift Guide

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting is important when it comes to letting you know that you care about the people you work with. Because let’s face it – no business can thrive without some help along the way! This can apply to that agency your company just partnered with for an upcoming project or even the people in your own office. Whoever it may be, you just want to thank them for the support while also maintaining that amicable relationship.

This is where things can get a bit tricky for a lot of employees – how can you make your gift stand out while also keeping things professional? No worries! We might just have the answer (or several, in fact)!

Our list of corporate gift ideas are sure to help you leave a lasting impression on your client or co-worker – all without breaking the bank, of course!


A Movie on You

Did you know that you could order movie gift cards in bulk? That’s right, Fandango gives you the option of gifting your team a movie or two!

With online streaming sites being the go-to hub for movies and TV shows, not a lot of people go to the movie theaters as frequently anymore. However, a gift card can encourage the recipient to take themselves out to a movie – on you, of course! Plus who doesn’t want to see the newest features on the big screen every once in a while?

Cut the Wires

Wires can be a hassle. They get tangled, get worn down, and overall cause more problems than not. We’ve all been in that situation where we’re in public and scrambling to find a power outlet to charge our phones. Needless to say, it isn’t pretty.

We’re sure everyone has had to deal with the struggle of using anything with fussy wires or cords, which is why we think a wireless charger could make life much easier! Not only do these chargers give your device that energetic boost quickly, they also allow you to charge multiple phones at once.

Warm Cup o’ Joe

Every worker’s worst nightmare is a lukewarm mug of coffee (or tea). It happens more often than not: you walk into work, pour yourself the morning’s fresh brew, and end up forgetting that the drink exists once you get busy. Unless you decide to bring a thermos, you’ll probably end up tossing the remains or just end up finishing it cold.

Lucky for us, there is a way to keep our mugs warm and toasty all day long! A USB coffee cup warmer can make the perfect corporate gift because chances are, your recipient also dreads sipping from their lukewarm cup just as much as you do.

Professional On-the-Go

If we’re getting down to business, there’s certain things we should always have prepared, especially business cards. You never know if you have to end up giving an elevator pitch on the way to a doctor’s appointment, and the same goes for your clients or co-workers. They might be able to get by with stuffing their business cards in their bags or pockets, but things can get messy (and unprofessional) pretty quickly.

Card holders are staples when it comes to carrying around business cards, and we think that any business partner would find a personalized one convenient! Engrave their names or an encouraging message to let them know that you care while also maintaining that necessary professionalism.

Self-Care at Home

There’s definitely going to be some days when your client or co-worker will be staying extra hours in the office, and it won’t be easy to handle. Treat them to a spa day in their very own home with an organic spa kit, complete with a bath bomb, a candle, lip balm, soap and more!

After all, a long day at work should always be followed by some relaxation.

A Plant-Friendly Office

Dressing up any office with plants has its benefits – making the air fresher, the atmosphere more relaxing, and the space toxin-free. Plus plants are mostly fuss-free and quite low-maintenance (just remember to water them every once in a while)!

Look into a company with plants delivered specifically for corporate gifts, like us! We offer wholesale flowers catered to specific events or occasions to better serve all your business needs.

The Bouqs has your back for making sure you get your appreciation across, whether it’s within a business or within a social circle! Let us help spread some love, and order from our collection today.

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