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Turn Your Cut Flowers into Cute Flowers

Succulent Bouquet of Cute Flowers in Purple, white, Green and Red in a White Vase on a Table Setting with a Painting in the Background

Putting fresh cut blooms together to assemble a bouquet of incredibly cute flowers means trusting your own artistic eye. The arrival of farm-fresh flowers is the perfect moment to express your creativity. Arranging your fresh flowers to reflect your existing aesthetic is like creating a collage using nature’s paintbrush.

This guide will help prepare your bouquet for display at home or on your desk at work. You’ve been getting in touch with your inner design genius and we put together these easy tips to help you fulfill your creative vision for displaying gorgeous flower arrangements.

Arranging Cute Flowers

Finding the perfect position and display for your flower arrangement takes a little creative experimentation. Finding that instagram-ready look may take a little tweaking.

  • Your flowers like some personal space. I mean, who doesn’t occasionally? Give those blooms enough room to spread out.
  • To see them at their most fabulous, give your bouquet VIP seating in the middle of your table. Wider shelves may give them just enough room to shine.
  • Pair your flowers with accessories like colorful fruit bowls or seasonal decor that highlight the colors of your bouquet.
  • Trust your judgement, even if you like a little “Pinsperation”, you’re the best designer of your space.
  • Direct light sources tend to pick up more color or highlights, but may mean a compromise on the longest possible vase life. We source our flowers directly from the farm so they stay vibrant longer, but under heavy sunlight cut flowers may dry out faster. Position your flowers with their happiest position in mind.

The Bouqs Co. flowers arrive ready to brighten any room and add decorative flair that only a bouquet can achieve. Adjust their position until you find your favorite view of your flowers to arrange your own photo-worthy artistic vision. 

Composing Flowers to Highlight Your Faves

Highlight different blooms in your arrangement by changing your perspective. To decide which flowers take center stage in your vase, it helps to find a balance between how they complement the space and where they create eye-catching contrast. Allowing focal flowers to sit a bit higher than the rest of your bouquet makes them the star of the show. On the other hand, bringing floral accents and greenery closer to the height of those focal blooms creates a living mosaic of flowers. It’s like deciding whether the roses win the award for best flower in an ensemble bouquet, or lilies get best supporting flower for bringing something special to the arrangement.

Adjusting the distance between flowers and giving them more space gives you the chance to fill more of the area. We like to be gentle with our flowers, they can be fragile when moved around by their stem. Small movements that allow them to rest naturally without being cluttered is a safe starting point. Certain flowers like tulips can have fragile petals, moving them around without care may cause them to fall.

Making tiny adjustments and using helpful flower arrangement tricks will give you more control of your bouquet’s composition. If you love the way your flowers look right out of the package, try giving the vase small turns until you’re happy with that perfect angle.

Choosing a Cute Flower Vase

Picking the perfect vase for your cute flowers is a purely personal choice. Whether you find a custom ceramic design, shaped or hand-blown glass or just use an old water pitcher; here are some ideas to keep in mind:

Color Scheme

Choosing minimal or muted tones will highlight the vibrant colors of your blended flower bouquets. A more colorful vase will share the attention and can transform your arrangement into an eco-friendly floral work of art.


Glassware vases and shabby chic flower holders like mason jars or other up-cycled containers are an easy choice for flower display. The transparent design displays the blooms, their stems and the background in perfect balance. Handmade vases or vintage ceramics are fragile but artful home decor complements to your flower arrangements.

Cute Design

Longer, streamlined designs accentuate both the length of the stems and the shapes of the flower blooms themselves. A longer vase creates contrast to flowers with broad blooms like ranunculus. They emphasize the natural growth with added accents. It’s common to see vintage vases with designs inspired by nature.

The Bouqs Co. offers our tin vases as an added accessory option with our bouquets. Their design accommodates any arrangement and the color is ideal for displaying vibrant bouquets of all sizes. For tropical flower arrangements, they highlight the wild beauty of the flowers’ vibrant colors. We deliver some of our orchids in ECOPOTS; sustainable vases made of recycled plastic in subtle colors that create exactly the color balance you want.

An important part of selecting the right vase is the size of your bouquet, if the neck isn’t wide enough, you may have to remove some blooms. The vases we offer are selected for the size of our plants and flowers. Obviously, making your own vase gives you the ability to design it around your favorite color schemes and the space where you’ll use it.

Cute Flowers Year Round

To give yourself endless opportunities for mastering the art of arranging cute flowers and focusing your artistic eye, a flower subscription will give you the chance to practice your skills regularly. To make use of your vases all the time, it’s the perfect way to experience the continuous beauty of flowers on a schedule you design.

We take pride in artfully arranging our flowers; assembling blooms that complement each other is part of our passion here at The Bouqs Co. Each flower is hand-selected direct from farms as an important part of your bouquet. You choose arrangements according to your personal vision of what’s beautiful. We’re passionate about making sure you get flower bouquets you’ll love just the way you want them.

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