The Ten Best Royal Wedding Bouquets

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Royal weddings have been capturing public attention for thousands of years, maybe because every aspect is so ornate and carefully thought out. With so much media coverage these days, every facet of the modern royal bride’s outfit is speculated about and then thoroughly analyzed and critiqued. No matter what she chooses to wear, she’ll have tons of fervent supporters and just as many vehement critics.

There’s no pleasing everyone with the dress, shoes, or jewelry. One accessory that typically captivates, though, is the royal wedding bouquet. There is often a lot of thought that goes into creating these spectacular floral arrangements, and the effort pays off.

From the Princess Diana bouquet to the Kate Middleton bouquet, the royal wedding bouquet has been a source of fascination for many the royal watcher. Here, we take a look at some of the most spectacular and meaningful royal bouquets of all time.


Queen Victoria

Known in many cultures as a symbol of love and marriage, it’s no surprise that myrtle is a popular choice for bridal bouquets. Royal brides are certainly no exception. In fact, way back when Queen Victoria tied the knot with her one true love Albert, she started a beautiful royal tradition. She included a sprig of myrtle from a plant given to her by her groom’s grandmother. It’s a sweet custom carried on by all British royal brides since then.

Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

The beauty of this bride’s wedding bouquet lies in a gesture; its composition is a bit of a mystery. Lady Elizabeth chose to set her royal bouquet down on the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior in memory of her brother Fergus who was killed as a young soldier in 1915. There is much speculation as to what types of flowers were in her bouquet, with guesses including white roses and heather.

Grace Kelly

Even today, brides still look to Grace Kelly’s wedding style for inspiration. Every aspect of her wedding look was classic and elegant – including her flowers, which were stunning in their simplicity and meaning. In lieu of an elaborate royal bouquet, Grace Kelly carried a silk faille-covered Bible, given to her as a gift, with a delicate cluster of lily of the valley on top. 

Princess Diana

Everyone remembers Princess Diana’s voluminous wedding dress, but her bouquet was just as elaborate. The cascading arrangement included gardenias, lily of the valley, myrtle, ivy, stephanotis, Earl Mountbatten roses, odontoglossum orchid, veronica, freesia, and tradescantia.

Kate Middleton

The stunning Kate Middleton bouquet was created using a combination of lily of the valley, sweet William (a nod to her soon-to-be husband), myrtle, hyacinth, and ivy. The all-white-and-green bouquet was understated and graceful.

Meghan Markle

Similar in size and shape to the Kate Middleton bouquet, Meghan Markle carried a gauzy white bouquet with special meaning. The bundle consisted of sweet peas, lily of the valley, astilbe, jasmine, and astrantia, but also included several flowers hand-picked by Prince Harry from their Kensington Palace garden.

Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia of Spain carried an elegant cluster of blooms, including Elizabethan roses, irises, and lilies. All of the flowers used have links to the royal family’s Bourbon dynasty.

Princess Charlene

Designed by Giorgio Armani himself, Princess Charlene of Monaco’s teardrop-shaped bouquet was the epitome of elegance and style. The white-and-cream arrangement was put together by the royal gardeners and included lily of the valley, as it is a favorite of the princess — the flower was even embroidered on her gown. 

Princess Sofia

Unlike the classic all-white royal bouquet, Princess Sofia of Sweden chose to carry a bouquet of roses in shades of coral and peach. The cluster also included some myrtle from the gardens of Sofiero Castle (a Swedish royal tradition).

Crown Princess Mette Marit

The gorgeous, draping bouquet of Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway was quite unlike traditional wedding bouquets. Made of a striking combination of long green vines and delicate purple blooms, the bouquet was dazzling and unforgettable.


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