Mother's Day

The Official 2018 Mother’s Day Flower Gift Guide

Tabletop Tulips with Family

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching –– the time where children, significant others, and loved ones step back to honor who Mom is and all she does. While motherhood certainly has its own fair share of challenges, one of the greatest things about being a mom is that each one does it differently.

This year’s Mother’s Day Collection celebrates the many ways our moms embody motherhood –– from kicking butt at work and cutting grass on the weekend to leaving notes in their kids’ lunches and tucking them in at night. And because being a Mom takes real work and commitment, it deserves a symbol just as real –– beautiful, eco-friendly blooms grown on sustainable farms.

New Moms, New Bouqs

Being a new mom can be a tad bit overwhelming (in case you weren’t aware). Between changing, feeding, and snuggling, it can be tough for Mom to feel like she has any “me-time.” Our Bouqs are full of refreshing colors that will put some pep in her step each time she sees them smiling at her from their vase.

For those looking to go the extra mile, how about gifting her a little staycation? It pairs perfectly with our rose Bouqs. (We promise she didn’t make us drop that hint.)

Mothers Day Flower Bouquet from Children

Instaworthy Moments with Mama

Is Mom a social media butterfly? If you’re lucky enough to live around her, you’ll want to make sure to get a few #Instaworthy photos of brunch or however you decide to spend your day.

Strength Mothers Day Bouquet

Just order her favorite flower type (if you aren’t sure, may we suggest a cheery tulip bouquet like Strength or an elegant lily Bouq) and capture a few snapshots of the fam (with flowers in view, of course)!

Purely Peonies

Mothers Day Flowers

Just one look and you’ll understand why peonies are perfect for Mom. Their plush, ruffled blooms are full of color and texture that are simply to die for. And, you’re in luck! We’ve debuted a whole collection of peony Bouqs. So while there may be more to choose from, believe us when we say they’re sure to sell out!

Extra Special 

For Moms with the most refined of sensibilities, or those who deserve some extra pampering this year, our Premium Bouqs create a curated boutique experience that will make them feel like royalty.

Best Mothers Day Flowers

You can usher in some serious tropical vibes with our lush Tropical Love Bouq (yeah, it has real ginger) or keep the good times going with our already-praised Peony Collection. (We just can’t get enough of them!)

And if you slip up and wait too late, our Artisan Florists provide same-day Mother’s Day delivery, but only if they have time and inventory. So don’t risk it — order now!

At the end of the day, you know Mom best, so whatever you send her way, she’s going to love it. As always, don’t forget to share your #Bouqlove with us @TheBouqsCo. Happy Mother’s Day!

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