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The Best Filler Flowers for Bouquets

Best Filler Flowers

Bouquets are known for their fresh, vivid blooms that can grab anyone’s attention. From colorful roses, sunflowers, tulips, lilies, and more, there are just so many options for making your floral arrangements beautiful. But although we appreciate these fan favorites, we have to give a much-needed shout out to the stems that make every bouquet even brighter and more unique than the rest – filler flowers!

Filler flowers are those subtle accents that you arrange with the focal blooms to give the bouquet more character, and believe it or not, they’re often overlooked. We’re here to show floral fillers some love by letting you know which ones can better complete your future centerpieces!



Asters may look a lot like daisies, but they’re actually from the sunflower family – go figure! Their name is a Greek derivation of “star” because of their shape, and despite their small size, they make the perfect accent to any Bouq because of their vibrant colors.

They complement any focal flower because they don’t overpower the arrangement, but they still manage to make a statement!

Baby’s Breath

Everyone knows about these delicate blossoms, but we truly believe that baby’s breath make a great addition to any Bouq that can come off a bit too strong on its own. Pair them with bright-colored roses or carnations to add a touch of daintiness to the arrangement.

Baby’s breath make the perfect accents to corsages as well, so you might actually see them frequently in weddings and prom formals!

Queen Anne’s Lace

This might be our most bizarre filler flower yet because it’s actually an ornamental carrot! However, it definitely doesn’t look the part due to its burgundy or white flower heads. The name “Queen Anne’s lace” comes from the legend of Queen Anne pricking her finger and staining some white lace she happened to be sewing.

This flower is perfect for fall flower arrangements because the shade matches the overall rich hues of the season!

Vegmo Sunny Ball

These sunny yellow poms give a festive pop to any Bouq! They’re the perfect fillers for birthday flower arrangements or any celebratory bouquet. And best of all? Sunny Balls are available year-round, which means you can brighten up your flower vase with these blooms no matter the season!

Now that’s definitely something to celebrate.

Blue Horizon

Just like their name, these fluffy blooms are – you guessed it – blue! However, they can occasionally come in various shades of blue, pink, red and white. Their genus name (Ageratum houstonianum) means “old age” because the petals can hold their color for years and years to come!

Due to their cloud-like shape, these flowers would make any bouquet exude an aura of dreaminess – the perfect unique touch!


Needless to say, we wouldn’t have some of the most stunning flower arrangements out there without the help of floral fillers. They complete a bouquet in more ways than one and help add more freshness to any living or office space. What’s not to love about these tiny blooms?

Here at The Bouqs, we love all flowers – filler or not! Our flower arrangements showcase gorgeous assortments of farm-fresh blooms that are sure to make a statement. Whether you have some sort of occasion coming up or you just feel like having a brand new centerpiece for the fun of it, we’ve got you covered!

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