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What’s the Ideal Amount of Water to Put In a Vase?

Water In A Vase

The right amount of water to put in a vase depends on how often you intend to change it, but a general rule of thumb is as much as safely possible!

Having a Bouq delivered is a wonderful moment no matter how often it happens. After holding them, smelling them, and admiring them from an arm’s length distance, the next thought turns to where to put them. In a vase, obviously, but how much water should you put in a vase? It’s not a simple question. Should you just cover the end of the stems? Fill it up to the brim of the vase? To the first few leaves? Or just make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible?

Vase Water Best Practices

The reason for all of these questions lies in extending the vase life of your flowers. How much water should you put in a vase only really matters if you’re concerned about getting the most out of your flowers. Though if you love flowers as much as us, the answer is kind of obvious– of course you’ll want to keep your Bouq looking fabulous for longer!

Here’s what you need to know about vase water best practice for your Bouq:

  • Fill a vase with water up to about ¾ of its height.
  • Water should be changed at least every two days.
  • Warm water is best for the flower’s uptake of nutrients.
  • Add two tablespoons of cider vinegar or half a teaspoon of bleach to help kill bacteria and mold.
  • Make sure to clean vase thoroughly before using it. Fill it with hot soapy water and leave to sit for ten minutes then scrub and rinse thoroughly.

The Health Needs of Different Flowers

Flower health is determined by many factors. As well as knowing how much water you should put in a vase, it’s also important to know what keeps blooms looking alive and fragrant. By properly caring for your cut flowers, you can keep them living up to weeks longer, though that also depends on the type of flowers in your Bouq. Hydrangeas, for example, are known for drinking a lot of water, while gladiolus are especially sensitive to fluoride, so it is better to use spring water than tap.

In general, different flower species have a set vase life, which is important to know when choosing a Bouq (and also for forgiving yourself if your roses didn’t last a month!) Sometimes you just can’t outsmart nature.

Here are some common flowers and their expected vase life:

  • Chrysanthemums – 3 – 4 weeks
  • Zinnias – 3 – 4 weeks
  • Orchids – Up to 3 weeks
  • Carnations – 2 – 3 weeks
  • Delphiniums – Up to 2 weeks
  • Lilies – Up to 2 weeks
  • Peonies – 1 – 2 weeks
  • Roses – 7 – 10 days

How to Keep Your Bouquet Lasting Longer

A flower’s life doesn’t end when it is cut, though it does begin to fade away. The speed at which the flowers in your Bouq expire depends on how well you can maintain its water levels and their natural life-cycle. Flowers depend on nutrients created by its leaves to support its blossoms and produce their wonderful scents. This happens when its leaves use photosynthesis to convert the sun’s rays into energy which is then transported around the flower.

To replicate this process, you can:

  • Add some sugar or plant food to the vase water.
  • Make sure the stem is clean and free of infection.
  • Cut the stems of the flowers about one inch from their current end.
  • Cut stems at an angle; we recommend 45-degrees.
  • Trim excess foliage such as dead leaves to conserve the flowers’ energy.

The water in the vase plays a vital role in keeping your Bouq healthy as it serves as the conduit for carrying the energy it needs through the stem and around its different parts. Just like a blood drip for a hospital patient, you need to be careful with how the water is kept, to ensure it performs this vital role.

If you’re looking for online flower delivery, remember The Bouqs Co. Our artisan florists are experts in both floral health and crafting bouquets that have matching vase-lives. The last thing anyone wants is having to separate or dispose of a whole Bouq just because its different flowers weren’t all on the same wavelength. We also offer subscription packages, so that your home will have the joy of fresh and healthy flowers all year round!

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