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Surprise Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Surprise Ideas For Boyfriend

Ladies, there is no need to wait until your anniversary or his birthday to show that special guy in your life that you really care. Planning a date for a boyfriend might feel like a difficult thing to pull off, but worry not! Word on the street says that our boys love to be surprised with all that lovey-dovey stuff, just as much as we do!  Follow our simple guide on surprise ideas for boyfriends to master the art of creating that perfect lazy day in or romantic night out.


Flowers Aren’t Just For Girls

We get it… sending a guy a bouquet of roses doesn’t exactly scream ‘masculinity’. Lucky for you, Bouqs helps you think outside the box, with easy-to-care-for succulents that any dude wouldn’t mind proudly displaying next to his Xbox. These vibrant plants add a touch of life to any home without the heavy scent of a floral arrangement. The rustic, yet refined  Wild About U Bouq offers an assortment of wildflowers nestled next to our signature succulent, giving you that desert vibe with just a touch of loveliness. Plus, the Alstroemeria symbolizes devotion, support and survival. Perfect, right? Bonus: these hearty succulent plants can be replanted, so go ahead and plan your next date to show him how to plant these in his backyard for a timeless gift. For more options, check out our full collection of flowers for men.

Date Night Just Got an Upgrade

The usual dinner and a movie can start to grow stale after a while. Looking for a way to spice things up? Get outside! After all, what guy can resist a  chance to show off his athleticism? Incorporate these fun date ideas to really get you moving! First up is an amped-up game of Frisbee Golf. Aka: FOLF. This isn’t your average game of frisbee. You need specially formulated discs that you can grab from just about any sporting goods store. Don’t feel like driving? Disc Golf Center online has everything you need! You’ll want to pack a hearty picnic lunch. Then, head over to your local disc-golf course and let the games begin. This game will give you plenty of exercise and some good-natured competitiveness.  If your area doesn’t have a disc-golf course, learn how to make your own here.

This next outdoor date idea appeals to the little boy inside every man. Paintball is a classic way to give him a chance to showcase all of those Call of Duty skills! What you’ll need: paintball guns, paintballs, and protective gear and clothing. Keep in mind; this date is going to get you dirty, so dress accordingly, with safety in mind. We recommend camouflaged paintball gear to give that extra special touch. Once you have acquired all the supplies, hide them in the trunk. Grab your man, and don’t tell him where you are going. Drive to the local paintball course, and get ready for an awesome time! After you’ve both been worn out, head to his favorite burger place and refuel.

Spend a Lazy Day In

Sure, nighttime is when most of the exciting things happen. But what about a cozy Saturday spent inside? For this date, you will need to release your inner child. Bonus points if you stay in your pajamas. Let your guy show off his building skills with a blanket fort! Pinterest has some really great inspiration! We also recommend using the living room for this, because this date includes a ton of movie watching. From inside of your fort of course.

  1. Get creative. Drag out the coat rack, scour the garage for clamps and last Christmas’s light strands.
  2. Grab every blanket, pillow, and sheet you own. Use the lighter materials for the top and the heavier ones for your ‘walls’.
  3. Make a comfy floor. The more blankets you add, the softer it is. Bonus points if you can add a fluffy rug or two.
  4. The fun part: decorating. Toss in all of those couch cushions and pillows and string up some lights. Add battery powered candles (no flames, that’s a fire hazard!)
  5. Grab some snacks and power up some movies.
  6. Cuddle time has now begun. Keep this up all weekend long and let your imagination take over!

Give Him a Gift He’ll Love

Surprising your boyfriend isn’t that hard to do. You just have to be able to keep a secret. Subscription boxes aren’t just for beauty products anymore. There are now many options tailored just for him. For this thoughtful idea, you just need his name and his address. To keep it extra secret, use a payment method he won’t see the receipts for.

We would like to introduce to you the Man Crate. It is exactly as it sounds. A box filled with all of his favorite snacks, games, music and bath products.  The ‘box’ the items arrive in could be anything from an ammo can or a concrete brick. You even have the option of sending project building kits.  Sign your sweetie up online and get ready to see his face when they arrive each month.

Us girls already know all about the BirchBox subscription. But did you know they make a box just for your dude? BirchBox Man has grooming tools and products that your guy didn’t even know he needed! Give him some pampering with their exclusive line of colognes and toiletries. There’s something new every month!

Do you have a man who’s crazy about craft beers? Beer America will send him 12 beers to sample every month. We can’t think of a better surprise than free beer!

What Matters is Showing You Care

Ultimately, what matters the most is showing the man in your life how much you truly care. We do this every day in small ways and they really add up in the long run. However, we are always left with feeling of wishing we could do more! So whether it’s flowers or a night out bar hopping, or planning his annual Super Bowl Party for him…there are loads of options out there if you just think creatively.

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