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Best Ways to Spend Summer Indoors

Indoor Summer Activities

Sometimes the best days of your summer are the ones you spend indoors. And we totally get it – you have your AC system running on full blast, you don’t have to change out of your favorite PJ’s, and you can just lounge around all day guilt-free!

Staying inside during the summer season doesn’t have to be as drab as most would think! While you might be lounging during your patio life, there’s plenty of fun things to do inside too. We at The Bouqs Co. compiled a list of indoor summer activities that make your season just as fun and worthwhile.

Catch up on your summer reading list

Summer Reading List

Let’s face it – we all have that summer reading list that we made for ourselves before the start of the season that we promised to get around to but never really do. Well, now you can! It’s never too late to start visiting your local bookstore to see if there’s any fresh reads just for you.

Movie nights underneath a blanket fort

Blanket Fort Summer

Sometimes it’s nice to feel like a kid again. If you and your friends feel like being nostalgic on a summer night, build your very own blanket fort, bring out the string lights, set up Netflix on your laptop, and make yourselves comfortable!

At-home paint & sip

Paint and Sip Summer

You don’t need to leave home to experience a paint-and-sip! It’s really just as simple as calling over a few friends, setting up some paint and blank canvases, and popping open one (or two) bottles of wine.

Bake a summer treat

Summer Baking

Just because you’re working on getting that summer bod doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself every so often! And what better way to manage what goes into your body than making your own cheat treat? Look up some delicious recipes to try for yourself and gift your loved ones at the next get-together.

Plant an indoor garden

Indoor Garden Summer

Want to keep your home looking fresh throughout the warmer seasons? Planting an indoor garden can be beneficial for your health and overall living environment! Look into some low-maintenance greens to beautify your indoor space and bring home some potted friends to decorate empty shelves, walls, and corners.

Game night

Game Night Summer

Bring out a bit of your competitive side by hosting a game night with friends and family. This is a great chance to spend time with your friends while also challenging yourself in a fun way! So take out the board games from the back of your closet or find a multi-player video game for all of you to enjoy together.

Make a summer playlist

Summer Playlist Indoors

Summer is all about finding the perfect jams for those nights out, road trips or dates with your loved ones. The right kind of music is essential for having a good time, which is why we think making a summer playlist for the right occasions is a must too! Spend a few hours discovering new tunes and artists for those hot summer days.


There you have it – some of the best ways to spend the hottest season indoors! But before you go back to doing some of your favorite summer activities, you can’t forget to celebrate some upcoming occasions with only the freshest summer blooms.

No matter what’s on your schedule for the next few months, we have your back with all your floral needs. Shop our wonderful summer collection of eco-friendly flowers to start the season off right!

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