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‘Silicon’ Beach Cleanup Led by Heal the Bay

Heal the Bay

When Google LA invited us to come out for a Venice Beach cleaning day, the sunshine loving employees over here at The Bouqs Company jumped at the chance.

‘Silicon Beach’ is home to many startups, and as we enjoy the benefits of working in such a beautiful place, it is nice to give back and help when we can. Google extended the invite to Snapchat and other startups in the area, and the whole event was led by Heal the Bay, a nonprofit cleaning up the area one piece of plastic at a time.

Heal the Bay educated the group on best practices. We learned that not all the trash on beaches come from the bikini-clad, but actually washes there through city drainage. By keeping track of what we pick up, they are able improve legislation. Have you noticed a lack of Styrofoam around? Groups like Heal the Bay monitored the Styrofoam they were finding, and now it is illegal to sell in the city of Santa Monica!

The ocean is a wonderful place, not just because it is fun to visit, but because we all benefit from the life it provides; it is a major source of food and oxygen for humankind. Pretty sure we all like food and oxygen!

At the end of the day (well, really it was only two hours), as a group we had collected 25 pounds of trash and over 2,700 cigarette butts. And we aren’t talking heavy trash; the most crucial pieces to find are the little flakes of plastic and foil that fish mistake as food.

After all that calorie burning, we headed over to The Waterfront Café to enjoy some cold brews, and chat with new friends. Not a bad day at the office!

If you live in the L.A. area, Heal the Bay is always accepting volunteers. They have open events every third Sunday of the month. Find out more here.

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