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Poppy & Gladiolus: August Birth Flowers

August Birth Flowers

The month of August has two birth flowers, the poppy and the gladiolus.

When it comes to red flowers, most people immediately conjure up the image of a rose. Even though roses are the Queen B of the flower world, they can’t hold a candle to the deep, rich reds and striking beauty of poppies. We know, we know…it’s a controversial statement, but we’re standing by it wholeheartedly. Just take a look at poppies in their natural habitat and tell us you don’t agree!

August Birth Flowers

The background of poppies is just as mesmerizing. Poppies have played a huge role in everything from food, art, mythology, and history to politics and medicine. They’re commonly used to add flavor and texture to foods like bread and cake. They contain heaps of healthy fatty acids, and they’ve long been used as a means to treat illnesses, including whooping cough and asthma. On top of that, some species of poppies contain small amounts of opium, which has been used throughout history as a powerful pain-reliever and a recreational drug. (Milk of the poppy, for all you Game of Thrones fans out there.)

Gladiolus, the other August birth flower, is similarly stunning—and unique—in appearance, characterized by a spiked stalk lined with colorful blooms. Given its sword-like image, its nickname is “sword lily,” and its Latin name means “gladius,” which also means sword. In Ancient Rome, during gladiatorial games, the crowd would shower the winning combatant in gladioli (the plural of gladiolus), in all its colorful splendor as the flower was seen as a symbol of honor and glory.


Poppy Symbolism and Meanings

In Greek mythology, poppies were extremely common and often associated with sleep and death. In fact, morphine, derived from the opium in poppy plants, is named after Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams. And according to legend, the Greek god of war Demeter created poppies so she could sleep at night.

In the modern-day, poppies are most known symbolically as a flower of remembrance, due to their use by the allied countries in World War I to show appreciation for the sacrifices that veterans made during the war. According to legend, the red poppy became the flower for both Remembrance Day in Western Europe and Memorial Day in the US because “the war turned the beautiful countryside into a field of mud where nothing could grow. But poppy flowers sprouted on the land of thousands of dead men.”

Poppies, depending on their colors, can also symbolize many other things:

  • Red poppies, in addition to remembrance, represent death and consolation in Western culture while symbolizing love, pleasure, and success in Eastern cultures.
  • White poppies are associated with sleep, peace, and rest—due to their powerful sedative properties.
  • Purple and blue poppies are often tied to feelings of imagination, wonder, enchantment, and luxury.


Gladiolus Symbolism and Meanings

Gladioli also have a wealth of symbolism attached to them. When given as a gift, it is said that the gift giver’s heart is “pierced with love,” thanks to the flower’s sharp, pointed stalk. On top of that, this August birth flower represents calmness, integrity, moral character, infatuation, persistence, and faithfulness.

The gladiolus also carries many other meanings depending on the color of the flower:

  • Red gladioli symbolize love, passion, and romance—which make them a perfect gift for anniversaries or on Valentine’s Day.
  • Yellow gladioli represent joy, happiness, positivity, warm feelings, and friendship.
  • White gladioli are typically associated with innocence, purity, and spirituality; and are often used in weddings and religious ceremonies.
  • Pink gladioli signify romance, femininity, gentleness, compassion, and motherly love.
  • Purple gladioli most often symbolize grace and charm.


Famous August Birthdays

If you have an August birthday, here are just a few of the awesome and talented people you share a birthday month with:

  • Martha Stewart, August 3rd
  • Tom Brady, August 3rd
  • Anna Kendrick, August 9th
  • Chris Hemsworth, August 11th
  • Jennifer Lawrence, August 15th
  • Madonna, August 16th
  • Andrew Garfield, August 20th


August Birthday Flower Delivery

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