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5 Unique Plants for Your DIY Winter Wreath

Winter Wreath Plants

Winter is upon us, and the seasonal temperature drop isn’t enough to stop a lot of us from joining the festivities. So this calls for decorating – lots of it! Now before you start running off to the holiday section of your local crafts store, it’s important to understand what the essentials are. First and foremost, a winter wreath!

Wreaths are more than just items of decoration. They’re the warmest welcome any guest could ever have before they enter your humble abode, and they show that you’re on board with all the holiday cheer! As they say, it’s important to make a great first impression, and what better way to start than to hang a fresh wreath on your front door? A fresh eucalyptus wreath is a classic favorite.

But maybe you’re feeling crafty and decided to construct your very own winter wreath. But how does one even know where to start when it comes to taking on what seems like such a complicated project? No worries we’ve got you covered! We picked out some of our favorite greens to help you get started on creating your next seasonal wreath. Get ready to become the talk of the town by sprucing up your front door with these unique plants!


We know what you’re thinking: isn’t moss a bit of a stretch? Actually, they make a great base for your winter wreath! What makes moss so unique compared to a lot of other plants out there is that they’re non-vascular, meaning that they don’t have the support necessary to grow leaves or stems. Because moss grows flat, you won’t have to worry about bristly or bushy foliage. Rather, you’ll get a nice clean look to your wreath and we’re all about the minimalism.


When you hear the word “loofah,” a bath sponge probably pops into mind. And you’re not completely wrong! A loofah plant is a tropical sponge under the cucumber family, and it usually comes in the shape of a gourd. However, they can also come in ball-like shapes as well, depending on how they’re grown. These cream loofah spheres would make the perfect additions to any winter wreath due to their snowball-like shape.

Who could resist these festive accents to their seasonal door ornament?


They’re all the rage nowadays, and we’re all for following the latest trends. Succulents are the perfect desert daredevils we need to dress up any winter wreath. They pair well with other greens and blooms or they can take the spotlight on their own!

If you’re not a fan of flowers in your wreath, succulents can also make a great alternative with their petal-like leaves.


Herbs don’t just have to be useful for your next meal – they can be used for decoration too! Sage is a unique herb on its own. Its color isn’t the typical bright green shade we’re accustomed to seeing; it’s actually a gray-green color, making sage the perfect leafy backdrop for other greens and blooms.

Not only are they wonderfully fragrant, this herb is gentle to the touch with its velvety foliage! So you can still have a bristly-looking wreath without the scratchy, prickly stems and leaves.

Lamb’s Ear

The name itself may be unique, but Lamb’s Ear has even more spunk to it than just its title! Like sage, they’re fuzzy plants, and their velvet-like texture gives off the illusion that they’ve been lightly coated with snow – perfect for the winter season!

Be warned though: your guests will be tempted to reach out and stroke your wreath. Lamb’s Ear is too soft to resist!

The best way to make anyone feel at home is to deck out your home with the most festive decorations. Not only does a seasonal wreath give your guests a warm invite, they show that you care about making the atmosphere comfortable and cozy for the ones who swing by!

If you’re going away on a vacation, don’t forget to check out our guide on taking care of plants while away. If you’re considering gifting a plant to a loved one for the holidays, read up on our cool plants to send as gifts. We even have recommendations for bathroom plants!

Here at The Bouqs, we want to provide more than just ornaments and centerpieces – we want to provide the best farm-fresh companions to accompany you and your guests for the season! Our 100% Happiness Guarantee ensures that your space will seem a little brighter with one of our arrangements.

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