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Local vs. Online Florists: Which is Better for Me?

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Thanks to mobile technology and the internet there are a variety of ways to order flowers. Whether you need it right away, so you don’t arrive empty-handed to a party, or prefer the hands-on floral experience of your local florist, choosing the right method usually comes with some pretty common questions.

“Where do I find flowers that are farm fresh and cut to order?” “Do I have the time to drive to a florist before the event starts?” “Where are the florists that deliver near me?” Ordering flowers online provides tried and true convenience whereas shopping offline at the florist can provide a more intimate, albeit time-consuming, experience. In this blog, we will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online and at local florist shops.


Buying Flowers Online

Ordering flowers online is the most commonly used method to order flowers. All you need to do is search for “flower delivery” swipe the screen until you find something you like, point and click, and voila! A beautiful array of wildflowers are out for delivery to your best friend, who just so happens to be on your mind that day. Whether you’re looking for birthday flowers in New York for speedy delivery or flowers on a rainy day in Seattle, you can find a bouquet ideal for the occasion.

Say you have a loved one living abroad. Flowers are a great way to show you miss them. However, it’s very possible that old-fashioned calling from a telephone to order would cause some confusion. Between time zones and currency exchanges,  on top of the language barrier, there’s a lot that can go wrong. To bypass these hurdles, you can simply go online, select the occasion, and choose your flowers.

With online shopping, you have the power to hand-select your order, and the possibilities are endless!

When you check out, you have the added bonus of peace of mind knowing your information is correctly spelled and error-free. Don’t forget; you can customize the delivery date to fit your hectic schedule. Don’t have access to a computer? Are you in a hurry in between meetings? Great news! Your smartphone will access any floral website instantly. You’ll get fast results at your fingertips.


Purchasing Flowers Locally

Sometimes your online florist doesn’t offer same-day delivery, or they don’t deliver near you at all!  This can be very frustrating and make you think twice about its convenience. Perhaps you want to see the flowers for yourself. So you may consider the avenue of purchasing locally.

Finding a local florist near you can be very easy. In most cities, there are dozens of flower shops on Main Street with brightly-colored blooms in every window. Ordering from your local co-op can offer a much more hands-on and intimate experience. You can really enjoy your time spent amongst the flowers by touching and smelling thousands of blooms.


When Online and Local Collide: The Best of Both Worlds

If you still aren’t quite sure what method is the best option, there is another option! Take a look at an online florist that offers the best of both worlds. Bouqs offers delivery near you and same-day delivery. With Bouqs, you get local florist ingenuity, great quality, and that perfect final touch to your bouquet, like the charming rustic mason jar. Plus, the flowers arrive fresh and in just-cut condition, meaning they’ll last longer than some options you’ll find at a florist shop. (Who knows how long they’ve been sitting there, anyway?!)

When choosing whether to order online from a florist who delivers near you or driving down to your local flower shop the best advice is to do your research and find a florist that offers you the most radiant and unique variety of flowers. Bouqs offers flowers from the Fields of the U.S.A., Hills of Colombia, and the Volcanoes of Ecuador that are sure to dazzle your friends and loved ones. Give us a try–happiness is guaranteed.

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