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Indoor Plants Care Guide: Find The Right Friend For Your Home!

Indoor Plant Care Tips Guide

Finding the perfect plant friend to add to your fall decor can be tricky business. Each room has its own unique natural lighting situation and temperature swings, and each plant owner has their own care-taking style. Some like to keep a hawk-eye vigilance on their #PlantsFam to make sure they’re getting the exact amount of water that they need every few days, while most prefer to select a self-sustaining houseplant that can survive just a little bit of neglect every now and then (hey, we’re guilty of this too). Luckily, our new plants collection has enough variety so that you’re sure to find the one that will fit your unique level of care!

This infographic shows you just the right amount of sunlight, water, and indoor temperature that your houseplant needs in order to really thrive in your home environment. Do you have a south-facing window that gets lots of light throughout the day? Then you’re totally a fit for our oregano plant Reggie, who loves to get as much sun as possible! If regular watering is a responsibility that sometimes slips your mind, then our air plant Tilly or one of our succulent friends Quinn may be what you need to spruce up your home instead.

Plant Family Care Guide

We hope this helpful guide makes your decision easier, future plant owner! Keep this image handy by pinning it to your Pinterest Board. And get regular updates from the rest of our #PlantsFam by following us on Instagram.

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