Garden in a Jar: The Perfect Gift for Gardeners

Mason Jar Herb Garden

We’ve all had to find a gift for that person who’s practically ungiftable. The task often seems insurmountable, but there are options out there and one of them (particularly for those with an affinity for plants) is a garden in a jar.

You may not have ever considered growing plants in jars, but the fact is that you can create a magical little garden that works in practically any space. They’re fairly simple to assemble and can be customized to suit a wide range of tastes. A mason jar herb garden, fairy garden, or succulent terrarium makes a one-of-a-kind gift to give to any hard-to-buy-for plant lover in your life. Even better, this type of gift can be assembled quite inexpensively and looks impressive and thoughtful.

Seriously, what more could you want in a gift? A garden in a jar adds some greenery to cramped apartments, livens up otherwise humdrum spaces, and puts a smile on everyone’s face. It’s a considerate gift, without being over-the-top personal. So, if you have a gardener or want-to-be gardener in your life and you don’t know what to give him/her, here are some tips and ideas for creating a garden in a jar that’s sure to impress.


Terrarium Basics

There are plenty of variations on the mason jar garden idea and the terrarium is an especially good gift choice for those who have limited space. If you’re going to create a terrarium in a jar, you’ll need to know the basics. Here are the steps you need to take to create your tiny garden gift.

  • Gather your supplies—you’ll, of course, need a jar with a lid that screws on, and if you’re putting in plants with roots, you’ll also need some soil. Oh, and we can’t forget about the plants themselves; look for plants that love constant moisture and warmth. In addition, you may want to include moss or other decorative elements.
  • Next, thoroughly clean and air dry your jar. If you use harsh cleaners, be sure the jar is rinsed completely clean before drying.
  • Moisten the soil of the plant and loosen it from its pack.
  • Squeeze the root ball to compact it and press it into the lid of the jar.
  • Arrange soil around the plant and nestle it into place.
  • Add moss or other decorative elements.
  • Carefully place the lid over the plant(s) and twist on.
  • You can then decorate the outside of the jar before presenting your gift or give it as is.

Note that there are many different tutorials to be found on this process. Some instruct you to arrange the plants in the bottom of the jar and others suggest planting with the jar on its side. Use whichever configuration works best for your vision.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Gardeners are often foodies too. If you’re gifting a garden in a jar to someone who loves to cook, then a mason jar herb garden is a fantastic choice. Having fresh herbs at hand while cooking is highly convenient, and adorable mason jars make a handy and attractive vessel for growing herbs.

Decide on what herbs you want to give as a gift. If you know what types of foods the recipient likes to cook, you should have some good clues about what kinds to plant. Next, find your mason jars and put a layer of small pebbles in the bottom of each. Finally, add your soil and herb plant. Adding the mason jar ring around the top and some kind of marker to indicate what type of herb is in each is a cute touch.

Succulent Garden In A Jar

If the recipient is new to gardening, then low-maintenance plants are a perfect choice. Growing plants in jars isn’t overly complex, but using succulents makes it extra low maintenance. Even better, succulents have a cool sculptural look that makes them extra perfect for gift-giving.

Just as with the herb jar garden, start by placing a layer of pebbles in the bottom of the jar. Next, add a layer of moss for added drainage (succulents don’t like a lot of water). After that, add 3 or 4 spoonfuls of soil and then make a shallow hole and place the succulent in it.

If you want to create a fuller look, arrange different types of smaller succulents around the main one. Lightly cover any exposed roots with soil. Another thin layer of small pebbles should then be added to cover the soil, and you can decorate the top with another bit of moss, if desired.


Growing plants in jars is a simple way to create a stunning gift for practically anyone in your life, especially those who adore plants. If you’re searching for spectacularly fresh succulents to plant or flowers for gift-giving, is the place to look. We cut-to-order and only work with farms that practice eco-friendly, sustainable farming.

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