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Galentine’s Day 2020 Gift Guide

Galentine’s Day 2020 marks another year of glorious gifting for you and your besties, transforming this time of year into a moment to appreciate your truest friends. Without even mentioning the V-word, we put together this guide of gorgeous gifts especially for your beloved BFFs and celebrating your platonic partners in crime.

As long as we’re building a future full of respect where love is for everyone, there are so many ways to give it and to show it. Galentine’s is the holiday for showing the most supportive people in our lives that we see and appreciate them. This easy Galentine’s day gift guide is for those who get through the winter weather peak of February with a little help from our golden gals and pals. On February 13 give a gift of deep meaning, understanding and appreciation, that’s what true friendships are made of.

Give Appreciation for Galentine’s Day 2020

Sending flowers this time of year is part of popular tradition and we know that a dozen roses always have their romantic significance. Your dearests deserve some sweet rewards to treat their senses that go perfectly with gorgeous flowers. We look at our most popular Galentines Day gifts for 2020 that help us all make it to March 1st together.

Sweet Emotions

When flowers show up with a candy bar, it’s like getting dinner and entertainment in the same delivery. The Golden Ticket is just the thing to brighten the winter lull of February with stunning sunflowers, red roses, white chrysanthemums and a gourmet chocolate bar from Compartes. Vibrant flowers and decadent flavors are a pairing that always hit the mark. Though, if chocolate isn’t their thing:

A Toast to Friendship

We can’t get enough of these boozy bears infused with Dom Perignon champagne. Brought directly to your favorite ladies, these champagne gummy bears come with a vibrant bouquet of colorful tulips. It’s a Galentine gift that’s just the thing to remind them of cruising through endless nights into bottomless brunches. If champagne isn’t really their thing:

Your Bond Will Go On

Some bouquets that last longer that can potentially go on as long as your eternal friendship itself. This colorful arrangement includes alstroemeria that begin blooming after they’re delivered and desert succulents that can be replanted in a pot or garden for an even more sustainable gift. So your friends aren’t interested in taking care of a plant:

Show Some Class

For an elegant twist on a very modern look, this blend of purple and ivory calla lilies not only goes beautifully with any decor, it adds a bit of luxurious design to any atmosphere. So wherever they get delivered they’ll glow from their corner of the room and bring a spotlight to your BFF. You may call it All-in-tines or Pal-entine’s to be more inclusive, but showing your closest compadres how much they mean to you goes deeper than a simple friendship. If your friends are your chosen family, this is the holiday to highlight how much they mean to you. Show them your appreciation for their support in the past year…every year.

Three Women Standing Together Holding a Bouquet of Pink Roses, Eucalyptus, and Snapdragons on Galentine's Day 2020Schedule Your Galentine’s Gift: You Can’t Regret if You Don’t Forget

Galentines giving is something you can plan ahead, it’s easy to start your shopping months in advance and schedule delivery ahead of the actual day. Keep track of your holiday gifts including when and how they’re delivered with one simple tool that simplifies the entire process. We want to help you remember every holiday from Galentine’s to Grandma’s birthday and a subscription is all you need to keep track.

A friend you can depend on is irreplaceable, sending a thoughtful reminder that their kindness and support is important to you will make this holiday one they’ll look forward to. Send a Galentine’s gift that inspires a blushing glow that lasts right through the holiday whose name we still aren’t going to mention that falls on the same day.

From a shoulder to lean on, to a much needed road trip you can’t imagine without them, celebrate Galentine’s Day 2020 by hugging your dearest friends a little tighter. Say it with meaning, say it with sincerity, say it with flowers.

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