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Fresh Cut Flower Care Tips

After you’ve unpacked your Bouq, it’s time to get to work caring for your fresh cut flowers. While your blooms will brighten up your home straight out of the box, it never hurts to provide your flowers with some extra love.

Since you’ve signed up for the best flower delivery experience, why not keep the positivity rolling? Check out some of our favorite tips to help your blooms shine for as long as possible.

Pretty Up the Petals

Once you’ve unpacked your flowers, you might think the unwrapping process is over. You’ve removed the plastic sleeve and rubber bands, letting your Bouq break free. But, there’s one more protective element to remove, because some flowers have built-in protection!

Roses have outer petals called guard petals. As the name suggests, they protect the rest of the rose from damage.

When you look at your roses, you may see that the outer petals are bruised or torn. If so, rejoice! This means that the guard petals have done their job.

Since your home will be a safe place for your roses, it’s safe to remove the guard petals. Not only will this give your roses a fresh look, but it will also prevent the flowers from sending energy to the damaged petals.

Removing the guard petals is easy. Simply grasp each petal at the base and give a gentle tug. Once you’re done, you’ll be left with a gorgeous, damage-free rose!

Watch Buds Transform to Blooms

When your Bouq arrives, you’ll notice it looks a little different from the photos on our website. Rather than fully opened blooms, your flowers arrive in bud form. But don’t fear — these buds will open into full blooms.

The great thing about flowers arriving in bud form is you’ll be able to enjoy your Bouq for as long as possible. Plus, you can watch your flowers transform from closed buds to beautiful blooms!

Drink Up

While your Bouq’s arrival to your door seemed effortless, your flowers have taken quite a trip! Like any traveler, they might appear a bit weary when they arrive at their final destination. 

No problem! All they need to help them perk up is a good drink.

So put on your finest host or hostess face and provide your guests with some fresh water.

Select a Vase

The first step is to find a vase that’s large enough to hold all your flowers.

Bacteria can spread between flowers just like they can between humans, so make sure to wash any used vases with soap and water.

Trim the Stems

Sure, your flowers can drink up water by themselves, but a helping hand will speed up their hydration.

After their journey, the tips of your flowers’ stems will be a bit dry. This means they might struggle a bit to drink up water. Luckily, there’s an easy solution.

With a quick trim, your flowers will be able to take up all the water they need. To get started, grab a pair of sharp pruning shears or scissors. Next, cut each stem at a 45º angle. You’re aiming to take 1/2” to 1” off of each stem.

Change the Water

If you notice the water in your vase is becoming cloudy, empty and refill it. Even if the water looks great, it’s good practice to change your flowers’ water every other day. And don’t forget to add new plant food!

Pick the Perfect Home

After your flowers are all prepped, it’s time to find them a spot in your home. Choose wisely — the location will impact how long you get to enjoy your flowers.

While many flowers love the sun when they’re growing, cut flowers are different! Sunlight can damage your blooms, so try to keep them out of direct rays. If you want to add some greenery to a bright window, you can always order houseplants for your home.

Like you, your Bouq has a preferred temperature. It doesn’t like being hot, so keep away from heaters and warm drafts.

One more thing to avoid is any drying air. Even once you’ve trimmed your stems and placed your flowers in water, they can still become dehydrated. To avoid dry and wrinkly flowers, keep your Bouq away from drafts and fans.

Your Flowers Will Thank You

That’s it! By following these few care tips, your flowers will thrive in their new home. And best of all, your hard work will be rewarded by beautiful blooms you can enjoy for days to come.

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