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Which Flowers Say “I’m Sorry” The Best?

Best Apology Flowers

We’ve all been there… You made a mistake and hurt someone you deeply care about. And you just can’t seem to find the right words to make your apology feel as meaningful as you want it to be. It’s a tough situation, but things go wrong and apologies are hard but necessary. But good thing for you, buying apology flowers is the perfect way to say “I’m sorry” and gives you the best chance at forgiveness from that special someone in your life. Because you know just as well as we do, actions speak much louder than words!

What are the Best Apology Flowers?

What Makes These the Best “I’m Sorry” Flowers?

Of course, when you’re buying an apology flower, you want it to be both beautiful and irresistible enough to make an instant and grand statement—but that’s only half the battle. The other half is finding apology flowers that send the right message. To put it more clearly, you want a flower that tells a loved one how much they mean to you, and how much you regret hurting them. So choosing the apology flowers with the perfect message and meaning is paramount. It’ll add weight and depth to your verbal apology like nothing else.

  1. Pink Roses

Wait, we mentioned how important sending the right message is to your loved one when apologizing, right? Well, what better way to make your love clear to them than the world’s most famous symbol of affection? Roses—especially of the pink variety—are without a doubt our number one “I’m sorry” flower. They’re not just stunning, they also express heaps of gratitude, love, and appreciation that’ll definitely show your loved one just how much you care about them.

  1. Blue Hyacinths

While pink roses are more of a sorry flower for a bust-up with a lover, blue hyacinths are better suited for saying sorry to friends or family you’ve had a falling out with. The reason: they’re the ultimate symbol of “making peace.” So whether you had a vicious argument with a family member and said something you regret in the heat of the moment or you made a promise to a friend that you failed to meet, blue hyacinths can get you back into that person’s good graces.

  1. Sunflowers

Sometimes you want to bring an air of playfulness to an apology—and put a smile on someone’s face at the same time. Well, needless to say, sunflowers are simply the best flower for that job—they’re the epitome of cheerfulness and good vibes. Just be reasonable and make sure giving sunflowers as an apology matches the gravity (or lack thereof) of the situation.

  1. Pink Carnations

In general, carnations represent love, appreciation, and acknowledgment, which alone make them great flowers for apologizing. But, pink carnations specifically add even more to your moment of remorse, considering they are a universal symbol of undying love and gratitude. They’re the perfect way to show someone that they mean a lot to you, while at the same time telling them whatever you did to wrong them won’t happen again.

  1. White Tulips

It might sound strange at first to send white tulips to someone as a way to say sorry—they themselves are flowers that represent forgiveness. But if you dig a little deeper, it makes a lot of sense. For one, white tulips are a symbol of renewal and hope for a better future. And, two, they’re just gorgeous. Mixing and matching them with pink tulips in a Bouq will add even more of a special touch to your apology, as the pink variety signifies deep and lasting caring for someone.

Say You’re Sorry with a Bouq

Like we said earlier, actions go a whole lot further than words—and this is especially true when it comes to saying sorry. Anyone can say sorry and if we’re being honest, it’s super overused to the point that it doesn’t carry much weight anymore. But pairing “I’m sorry” with an out-of-this-world Bouq will show anyone you’ve hurt in the past that you want to make amends.

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