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5 Flower-Themed Activities for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Ideas For Her

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year where the pressure to plan the perfect date night is on. Instead of crumbling under the pressure to wow your significant other, let them know you love them with Valentine’s Day flowers.

Gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day isn’t a shockingly new concept, but with a little bit of creativity and DIY spirit, you can still do something special for your boyfriend or girlfriend that they will remember for many Valentine’s Days to come. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day ideas for him or Valentine’s Day ideas for her, one of these five flower-themed Valentine’s Day activities will be sure to make it a special holiday for you both.


Floral Brunch in Bed

On Valentine’s Day, the killer crowds at the restaurants can kill the mood real fast. So why not just stay home? All you need to start when it comes to Valentine’s Day ideas for her is a bouquet of roses and some champagne! There really isn’t anything more fun and romantic than being brought breakfast in bed and sprinkled in rose petals.

That’s not all you can do with roses. When you are serving her blushing rose mimosas, your honey is going to be blushing her way through the day. Brunch isn’t complete without a delicious stack of pancakes, and with the French lavender and honey pancakes, you both with be full and relaxed. Who knows what could happen when your Valentine’s Day meal starts in bed.

At Home Spa Night

A day at the spa can be expensive, and getting a reservation on Valentine’s Day can be tough. Don’t bother fighting the crowds; create your own spa night right in the comfort of your own home! It’s intimate, and you and your boo will be working together to show each other how much you really love each other, and isn’t that the spirit of Valentine’s Day?

Start the night by pouring each other a glass of bubbly and lighting some candles. Get cuddled up with your boo and put on a DIY floral face mask, like this one. Valentine’s Day flowers don’t just look pretty! The roses that are so popular on Valentine’s Day also pack a punch when it comes to skincare, too. Roses contain vitamins and a bunch of anti-inflammatory properties for the skin, so go ahead and pour yourself another glass of champagne and let the roses do some work.

After you rinse off the face mask, take turns giving each other full body massages with one of the floral-infused soothing body oils like these ones on Live Simply. These buddies smell good and are packed full of Vitamin E, so you and your bae will be simply glowing after your at-home spa night.

Flower Crown Picnic

Even if you are looking for Valentine’s Day ideas for him, making flower crowns with fresh flowers and snacking on some cheese and crackers in the park can be a fun idea. Even kings wear crowns, right? You and your significant other can make each other a crown fit for royalty.

Packing a picnic and getting out to watch the sunset is romantic and another great way to skip the crazy Valentine’s Day crowds in the restaurants. The options for good picnic basket fillers are limitless too, especially if you get ideas from this Dating Divas list of 100 picnic date ideas. Soon, you both will be feeling like the god and goddess you are!

Wildflower Hike or Walk

If you guys are going crazy for flowers, why not try and find your favorite flowers out in nature? Finding a local park or hike to walk around and search for flowers is a fun, outdoorsy way to celebrate the holiday. You get to explore places you may not have been yet and breathe in the fresh air! Make sure not to pick the flowers though; there are lots of rules against it and you don’t want to dampen your date night with a visit from the cops.

Start a Flower Garden

Instead of just getting Valentine’s Day flowers for one day, why not plant a gift that will bloom for many Valentine’s Days to come? This date night might be a little bit of work for the both of you, but sometimes coming together as a team and getting work done can remind you why, well, why you make such a great team in the first place!

Do you guys live in an apartment? Try putting together a window box garden. They don’t take up a lot of space, all you need to is a window that gets a decent amount of sun. Maybe you guys have space in your yard and it’s time to finally start a new garden, one of these thirteen flowers are easy to start with. Who knows, maybe getting your green thumb on together will end up being a fun hobby for you and your boo to have for years to come.

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