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Three Fun Science Experiments Using Flowers

Science Experiments Using Flowers

Kids love to explore the world around them, and one great way to help them do that is by setting up simple experiments with flowers. You don’t need some complicated chemistry to set perform these studies, either. A few basic house supplies and some fresh blooms are typically all that’s required.

So, if you’re ready to start impressing the kids with all your scientific knowledge, then you’ll first need some instructions. You can find many science experiments that use flowers by doing a quick online search, but if you don’t have time to weed through them all (pun intended), here are a few to get you started.


Playing with Pigment

This experiment is completely uncomplicated and fun—you just have to make sure that little fingers stay out of the way of the action. Children will learn about pigment and how it can be extracted and used to color other items. All you need for this bit of research is some brightly colored flowers, a plain paper towel, a hammer, and some aluminum foil.

Start by laying out a sheet of aluminum foil. Kids can then arrange the flowers on top. Then cover the flower-topped foil with a white paper towel and start whacking with the hammer. (If you’ve had a rough week, you may want to take a turn at hammering too!) This is one of those science experiments that’s learning and therapy all rolled into one.

The pigment from the flowers should soon begin to soak into the paper towel and make beautiful patterns. In fact, if you want something you can display more permanently, consider using a piece of cloth in place of the paper towels.

Flowers to Dye For

Teach kids a little something about how our favorite petaled plants drink up water by trying this easy experiment with flowers. You’ll need some jars, liquid or gel food coloring, and several pure white flowers such as gerberas, chrysanthemums, or carnations. If the stems of your blooms seem a little dry, you may want to give them a snip just before use.

Start by filling the jars with water. Next, add some coloring to each of the jars so that you have several different hues to experiment with. If you’re working with older kids, at this point you can have them make predictions about what will happen once the flower stems are submerged. Younger children may want to draw a picture of what they think will happen.

Next, place a stem or two in each jar and then wait and observe. After an hour you’ll likely be able to see some changes. This isn’t a fast-paced experiment, but by the next day there should be some dramatic results – we won’t spoil the plot for you! – that will make for a beautiful display.

Sampling Solutions

Those who are looking for experiments with flowers that they can do with bigger kids may want to test various water solutions for cut flowers. There are tons of different solutions you can submerge fresh cut flowers in—some that you can buy and others that you can make at home. Older children will have fun mixing up different batches and discovering which work best.

Begin by finding a handful of different cut flower solutions to try. Most will be very simple. A few to test out are:

  • A commercial pack of flower food
  • A penny in the water
  • Water and 7Up
  • Water and sugar
  • Water and bleach
  • Water and apple cider vinegar

Once you have your plan, you’ll also need some jars or vases, and some flowers (all of the same type and all purchased at the same time).

Once everything is assembled and mixed up, kids can place flowers in each type of solution. Every day, have them record their findings to determine which type of solution works best for preserving fresh cut flowers.


Science experiments that use flowers are a wonderful way to encourage children’s innate curiosity and to promote their love of nature. Of course, if all this talk of flowers gets you in the mood to surround yourself with some fresh blooms of your own, The Bouqs Co. has everything you need. Our flowers aren’t cut until you place your order, so there’s no waste, and your flowers arrive as stunning and fresh as can be – happiness guaranteed!

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