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Flower Care Guide: Callas

Calla Lily Care

Calla lilies are easily one of nature’s most visually striking creations, thanks in large part to their gorgeous and unique appearance. They’re so beautiful that their name is derived from the Greek word for “beautiful.”

And it’s not hard to see why Callas are so universally appreciated for their attractiveness. For one, their marvelous, trademark trumpet-shaped blooms are wholly distinct in the flower world. And we all know the value of standing out from the pack (just take a look at trendsetting pop stars like Lady Gaga if you don’t believe us.)

Second, calla lilies are extremely colorful, ranging from milky whites and seductive oranges to majestic purples and deep, dark reds. But what’s better than the fact that Callas come in nearly every color is that they are oftentimes a bright mishmash of vivid hues. Some fade from a colorful center to white outer petals while others are a dazzling mixture of colors that’ll remind you of the tie-dye shirts you made back in your middle school days.

But to enhance the beauty of your Callas and give them a long and healthy life, you’ll want to know all the ins and outs of cut calla lily care. Otherwise, they’ll be making a much more premature trip to flower heaven than you ever wanted them to. Heed our advice, and you won’t ever let that happen!

Before we jump into calla care tips, though, let’s take a few moments to admire the rich symbolism and history that accompany these special lilies. And remember that there is a difference between calla lilies and lilies!

Calla Lily Symbolism

When it comes to the general symbolism and meanings of calla lilies, they are inherently contradictory. On the one hand, they represent life and fertility and, on the other hand, they are a universal symbol of death. Weird, right?

As we mentioned before, the Ancient Greeks held calla lilies in high regard for their beauty, and they were a staple in many Greek legends. One Ancient Greek myth is about Hercules as a baby. Since Zeus conceived Hercules with an earthly woman, he held no supernatural powers. To remedy this, Zeus drugged his wife, the goddess Hera, and forced her to breastfeed Hercules so he would gain divine abilities.

Once the drug wore off, Hera threw the baby Hercules off her body. When she did, drops of her breast milk fell to earth. Where the milk landed, calla lilies sprouted and thus were an eternal sign of god-like beauty. This made the goddess Venus jealous, so she cursed the flower, resulting in the spike that protrudes from the center of the calla lily’s cup-shaped bloom.

The spike—which is actually the flower itself, not the outer petals—has long represented sexuality and fertility across cultures, including both Ancient Egypt and Rome, thanks to its phallic nature. This is perhaps one of the reasons calla lilies are an extremely popular flower in weddings (purple calla lilies were the centerpiece of Alicia Keys’ special day.)

Callas also carry specific meanings depending on the color of their bloom:

  • White calla lilies symbolize innocence and purity
  • Yellow calla lilies symbolize gratitude
  • Purple calla lilies symbolize charm and passion
  • Pink calla lilies symbolize admiration


How to Care for Calla Lilies

Now onto preserving that gorgeous calla lily Bouq of yours for as long as physically possible.

In general, calla lily care is very similar to caring for other flowers indoors. But there are a couple of exceptions. One is that you’ll want to handle those pretty callas with extreme care at all times because they are particularly fragile and prone to bruising. And two, you’ll always want to make sure your Bouq of calla lilies is sufficiently hydrated. Callas are known to be quite thirsty!

If you do those two things and follow the simple steps below, there’s no reason your calla lilies won’t live 2-3 weeks adorning their new home.

Prep Your Callas

When your Bouq of callas arrives on your doorstep, they might look a bit underwhelming. But don’t fret. With a little bit of water and nutrients, they’ll be looking in tip-top shape before you know it. Here’s how to give your calla lilies their vitality back and maintain it for as long as possible:

  • Find a clean vase and fill it with only 1-2 inches of water (calla stems are comprised of 95% water, so you don’t want to drown them.)
  • Add the flower food that came with your Bouq into the vase.
  • Cut one inch of your callas’ stem at a 45-degree angle while holding underwater, as this will promote maximum water absorption.
  • Remove any leaves that would sit below the waterline as they could introduce harmful bacteria to the water in your vase.
  • Arrange your calla lilies in your vase however you see fit.

Find the Perfect Place for Your Vase

To maintain your callas’ beauty, you’ll want to place them in a suitable location in your home. This means finding them a cool room with no hot or cold drafts. On top of that, make absolutely sure your callas are never in direct sunlight. These things will shorten your Bouq’s lifespan, and that’s definitely not what you’re going for.

Recondition Every Other Day

Congrats! You have a fresh new Bouq of calla lilies prettying up your humble abode. But don’t stop there. Flower care takes a little bit more attention and effort to do right.

Every two days you should make sure that you re-trim you callas’ stems and change their water. This is especially true for cut calla lilies because, as we mentioned before, they love some refreshing H2O.

As you can see, calla lily care doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. Just follow the simple steps above and keep an eye on their water level and they’ll be showing off their charm and elegance in your home for at least two weeks.

If you don’t yet have a Bouq of gorgeous calla lilies or simply just want to buy another (and we don’t blame you!), why not hop on over to The Bouqs Co. and grab yourself one. Your home or that special someone you give it to will definitely thank you!

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