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Enjoy a “Plant Based” Lifestyle with More Living Greens

Tropical Flower Bouquets in Pineapple Vases For A Plant Based Lifestyle

Choosing a plant based lifestyle involves changing your diet, increasing mindfulness and seeing a fresh view of the resources nature provides. It’s a way of both living healthier and more harmoniously with the world around you.

With this nutritional trend becoming more popular, people are looking for additional ways to live greener. Adding plants to their homes to purify airspace and create a nature inspired atmosphere helps us feel closer to the outdoors all the time. An eco-friendly existence can be more than just eating green, it often means breathing green.

Plant Based Living with a Green Thumb

A plant based diet is a big part of how people are choosing to live more sustainably everyday. Small house plants or succulents won’t save the world, but they can help the immediate airspace where you spend your work or leisure time. Think of them as a way to transform small landscapes which may improve air quality with a holistic approach to interior design.

When you dedicate yourself to improving the overall health and wellness of your mind and body, why not nurture a plant that brings lively color to your surroundings? It’s a way of combining the intentional body and mind energies to create a space where your personal goals can flourish. Building your garden getaway can include cultivating anything from edible items to drought-resistant plantscape.


These little desert growths are the easiest plants to care for that reward you by adding air and decor to your indoor space. Not only do they dress up your desk or windowsill, succulents add oxygen which may make you feel more alert and breathe easier.

Air-Cleaning Plants

The reason why you see so many of the same kinds of plants in offices like ivy, dragon trees, and smaller palms is that they naturally filter the air around them. Not to be confused with air plants which feed on moisture in the air,  this family of helpful greenery adds to the oxygen content of the atmosphere they’re in. In some cases these plants physically filter toxins and contaminants from the surrounding air.


Frequently used to season food we’re prepping, marinate or dress prior to actually cooking; herbs give our meals that extra flavor of botanical seasoning. Plant based additions like rosemary, sage, thyme and bay leaf grow out of the ground before they make their way to those adorable little spice jars.

Indigenous Native Americans use white sage and other spiritual medicines as cleansing herbs to purify spaces and people. The pleasant scent of sage often wafts from shops selling holistic healing items. Best of all, herbs are among the easiest things to grow in pots or smaller spaces with limited or no outdoor growspace. For many, herbs serve as the connection between inner health and inner peace.


From perennial greens like kale and spinach to cacti that produce fruit, there are a ton of ways to grow edible greens from the “ground up”. Dedicating a section of yard or community garden to build out a plot that’ll keep feeding your plant based diet is ideal. Greens like broccoli, Brussels, and cabbage can grow year round in colder climates due to their frost resistance.

Depending on your local climate and comfort with large indoor plant pots, some urban horticulturists are growing small amounts of greens right in their living rooms or rooftops. In fact, cities like Denver, Toronto and San Francisco passed laws that require new buildings to include a certain amount of green space on their roofs. As more cities adopt eco-friendly policies, it’s likely the next place you live will have greenspace somewhere above you.

A plant based diet and lifestyle takes discipline, determination and commitment, but there are small ways to incorporate the natural world not only into your diet, but your ambiance. Both land and marine plants make the largest contributions to the world’s oxygen supply, and they can add to yours with every nearby breath.

Working plant life into your routine is as easy as a flower subscription, you get regular deliveries of exactly what you need to enjoy going green, or any color our bouquets are available in. Creating an atmosphere full of foliage that has dual-purpose can lead to a happier, more energized life, not to mention a tastier one. One herb, leafy green, or air purifying plant at a time, your best life is getting just a little bit more plant based whether it’s intentional or not.

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