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DIY Corsage & Boutonniere Tutorial

Make A Boutonniere

School dances are a magical night of dancing and fun with your high school BFFs, and the memories will last a lifetime. However, to make sure everything is in place for the best night ever, there is a lot to plan: you have to find a date, figure out what you’re wearing, decide how you’re getting there. Are you taking a limo with all your friends? Or are you going separately with your date? The list goes on and on, and you can’t forget one important step — the corsage and boutonniere!

Picture it: You get to your date’s house, they look stunning and so do you. Your parents want to take at least a hundred pictures each. No worries, you came prepared. You whip out a homemade corsage or boutonniere! Pinning on a boutonniere and putting a corsage on a date makes for a super cute picture, and you will be sure to impress your date and even their family by making a corsage yourself.


DIY Corsage

Corsages are typically given to the ladies and can be pinned on the dress, but it’s easiest when it’s worn on the wrist. The best way to choose flowers is by basing them on your date. Either pick their favorite flowers, or choose flowers that complement their dress. As always, our many handcrafted Bouqs can provide inspiration if you’re stuck.

Once you’ve found fresh flowers to start with, you are well on your way to making a corsage.

Supplies Needed

  • Main flowers
  • Filler foliage
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Ribbon
  • Corsage pin- if it is to be pinned to the dress
  • Elastic wristlet
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Cut the stems off the flower, leaving about an inch on the flower. Insert a four inch piece of floral wire through the stem right below the bloom.
  2. Bend the wire so there is a two inch piece of wire on each side of the stem. This will help keep the stem from falling off.
  3. Wrap the stem with floral tape.
  4. Add the filler flowers or foliage by taping them to the primary flower’s stem. The filler flower does not need to be wired. Repeat these two steps three times.
  5. Tape the three flowers you made together.
  6. Finish the corsage by adding any extra foliage and flowers to the back to give it a polished, balanced look. If you wish to pin the corsage to their dress, you are done with your DIY corsage!
  7. If you want it to be worn on the wrist, hot glue the corsage to the the elastic wristlet. Cover with ribbon if desired.


DIY Boutonniere

Boutonnieres are typically given to men and are pinned to the tuxedo or suit. Again, if possible it’s best to color coordinate. Match the flowers your date’s outfit. Or, more simply, match the flowers and fillers used in the DIY corsage when making the DIY boutonniere.

To make it easier, why not make the DIY corsage and DIY boutonniere with your date? It could be a bonding experience to make prom extra special for the two of you!


  • Flowers of your choice – a few flat green leaves and one statement flower
  • Florist tape
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Corsage pin


  1. Trim the stems off the flower, leaving about an inch of the stem to be pinned to the suit or tuxedo.
  2. Layer one of the flat green leaves under the flower. Position any filler flowers however want them to sit in the DIY boutonniere.
  3. Use the floral tape to tape them together by the stems. Wrap the floral tape with the ribbon to cover it up and secure with a dab of hot glue. Your DIY boutonniere is ready to be pinned onto your date!


Tip for Corsages and Boutonnieres Made with Fresh Flowers

Your DIY corsage and boutonniere can be stored in the fridge for about 24 hours, so they should be made the night before prom at the earliest. When you are picking your flowers out, keep in mind that some more delicate flowers will not last well without water. For more information on how to store and care for fresh flowers for gifting, check out our many flower care tips from the pros.

With the seemingly endless lists of things to buy and arrange, planning for prom or spring formal can feel like a chore. But formal dances are supposed to be fun, and so should preparing for them. Whether as an outlet for your craftier side or a fun (or romantic!) bonding experience for you and your date, we bet making a corsage or boutonniere will freshen up your prom prep in more ways than one.

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